The Other Edie Trimmer

Discover the brand new Jacqueline Wilson story - perfect for fans of Hetty Feather

Jacqueline Wilson author


Publisher:Penguin Random House Children's UK

Published:16th Mar '23


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'I seemed to be seeing double. I saw two Edies instead of one - but they weren't the same.'

Edie is fascinated by Victorian times, and she's just desperate to be cast in the lead role of her drama club production of Oliver. When she's given a real Victorian notebook she's determined to write the best story ever, all about a girl in a workhouse. But when she starts writing, something strange happens.

Edie finds herself in Victorian London. She feels the same, but everything around her is completely different to what she knows. Soon, she realises she's living the life of another Edie Trimmer - and is in danger of being sent to a real workhouse!

Will she forget everything she knows about her other life - and will she ever be able to make it back to her family?

A heart-warming time travel adventure about family and friendship from the much-loved, bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.

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ISBN: 9780241567180

Dimensions: 222mm x 162mm x 37mm

Weight: 597g

416 pages