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Greek Lessons

Han Kang author Deborah Smith translator e yaewon translator


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:1st Feb '24

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Greek Lessons cover

Book of the Year 2023 according to New Yorker, TIME magazine, Kirkus

A powerful novel of the saving grace of language and human connection, from the celebrated author of The Vegetarian.

'Breathtaking . . . She is simply my favourite living writer to read, and think with, and see the world with' Max Porter

In a classroom in Seoul, a young woman watches her Greek language teacher at the blackboard. She tries to speak but has lost her voice. Her teacher finds himself drawn to the silent woman, for day by day he is losing his sight.

Soon they discover a deeper pain binds them. For her, in the space of just a few months, she has lost both her mother and the custody battle for her nine-year-old son. For him, it's the pain of growing up between Korea and Germany, being torn between two cultures and languages.

Greek Lessons is a tender love letter to human connection, a novel to awaken the senses, vividly conjuring the essence of what it means to be alive.

Translated by Deborah Smith and e. yaewon.

'Another stunning gem: quiet, sharply faceted, and devastating' Kirkus

'Han Kang is a writer like no other. In a few lines, she seems to traverse the entirety of human experience' Katie Kitamura

By turns love letter to and critique of language itself, Greek Lessons is a brief yet, in its concision and finesse, lapidary work . . . one of Han's most intimate works * Financial Times *
In Greek Lessons Kang reaches beyond the usual senses to translate the unspeakable . . . Han Kang turns the well-worn idea of the mind-body disconnect into something fresh and substantial * Los Angeles Times *
This novel is a celebration of the ineffable trust to be found in sharing language . . . [Han] is an astute chronicler of unusual, insubordinate women * The New York Times *
Han Kang is a writer like no other. In a few lines, she seems to traverse the entirety of human experience -- Katie Kitamura
Han Kang's vivid and at times violent storytelling will wake up even the most jaded of literary palates * Independent *
An elliptical, enigmatic book . . . Han's style creates mystery * The Economist *
Han Kang's hypnotic Greek Lessons probes the limits of language * The Straits Times *
Han Kang is what most writers spend their lives trying to be: a fearless, unsentimental teller of human truths . . . Han Kang is a genius -- Lisa McInerney, author of The Glorious Heresies
Another stunning gem: quiet, sharply faceted, and devastating * Kirkus *

ISBN: 9780241997062

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 9mm

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160 pages