Five Violins, One Cello and a Genius

Toby Faber author


Publisher:Pan Macmillan

Published:3rd Jun '05


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Stradivarius cover

'An incredible story of musical instruments, how they're made and what people make of them' - Keith Richards

Everyone knows of the legendary quality and unbelievable price tag of a Stradivarius violin. In this, the first popular account of the Stradivari phenomena, Toby Faber explores the life and methods of this unsurpassed craftsman. Following the life of his instruments as they pass through the hands of many of the greatest musicians that have ever lived, we learn how and why they have become objects of such veneration and desire. It is a dramatic tale of grand artistry, fantastic music, shady dealers, forgery and science.

'Fascinating, accessible and enjoyable' - Tracy Chevalier

'A captivating book . . . An extraordinary accomplishment and a compelling read' - TE Cahart, author of The Piano Shop On The Left Bank

'An inspired idea for a book' - Telegraph

'Faber has found in the Strad a delightful leitmotif for an original comedie humaine' - Financial Times

'Faber pitches the story just right, neither patronising nor baffling the reader' - Times

"'fascinating, accessible and enjoyable' - Tracy Chevallier"

ISBN: 9780330492591

Dimensions: 196mm x 131mm x 20mm

Weight: 220g

320 pages

Unabridged edition