Fight Night

'A Gem: humour and hope in the face of suffering' Observer

Miriam Toews author


Publisher:Faber & Faber

Published:2nd Jun '22


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She's known the very worst that life can throw at you - and has met it every time with a wild, unnamable spirit, fighting for joy and independence every step of the way. Grandma's health is failing, the baby is on the way, as a family of three extraordinary women prepare to face life's great changes together.FROM THE WRITER OF THE OSCAR-WININNG WOMEN TALKING INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR LONGLISTED FOR THE DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD 'Go Grandma Elvira!' Margaret Atwood 'Wickedly funny and fearlessly honest.' The New Yorker 'Glorious.' Sarah Moss You are a small thing, and you must learn to fight. Swiv has taken this advice too literally. Now she's suspended from school, in the care of her foul-mouthed, hilarious grandmother. Mom is busy being pregnant, so Grandma gives Swiv a very different education. Swiv learns maths with Amish jigsaws and How to Dig a Winter Grave. Grandma's methods may be unorthodox, but she has faced the worst of life with a wild, independent spirit and this is what she hopes to pass on. Time is running short. Grandma's health is failing and the baby is on the way - can Grandma inspire this fire in Swiv, and ensure it never goes out? Poignant, hilarious and deeply moving, Fight Night is a girl's love letter to the women raising her and a tribute to one family's fighting spirit. 'A love letter to our brave and brilliant matriarchs.' Glamour 'Miriam Toews is a genius.' R. O. Kwon 'As compelling and hilarious and indecently sad as life can be.' Financial Times

'Wickedly funny and fearlessly honest.' The New Yorker

'The last book that made me cry.' JOSHUA FERRIS

'A love letter to our brave and brilliant matriarchs.' Glamour

ISBN: 9780571370719

Dimensions: 216mm x 135mm x 19mm

Weight: 383g

272 pages