Boy Like Me

Simon James Green author



Published:2nd Mar '23


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Boy Like Me cover

  “Believable characters and the warmth of Green's writing bring light to a difficult topic” - Observer In the margins of a book's pages, sparks fly as a teenage romance begins. But in this time and place, sparks like these can only ignite trouble. It's 1994 and thanks to Section 28, there can be no mention of gay relationships in UK schools. When a kind librarian leads Jamie to a disguised novel in the library that reflects his own confused feelings towards boys, Jamie sees that he's not the only one who has checked the book out. Will Jamie and this mystery boy have the courage to meet - and if they do, what will it take to hold on to each other? A timely - and timeless - story of forbidden love by one of the UK's most beloved authors of teen LGBTQ+ fiction Filled with Simon James Green's distinctive brand of humour making this an important but also very enjoyable read! Perfect for fans of books such as They Both Die At the End, Afterlove and Young Mungo, as well as dramas like It's a Sin, Close, and Blue Jean.

ISBN: 9780702313653

Dimensions: 201mm x 164mm x 24mm

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368 pages