Isabelle Simler author Vineet Lal translator


Publisher:Quarto Publishing PLC

Published:7th Sep '23


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Home cover

Home is a beautiful and poetic reflection on all sorts on homes made and found in nature, by award winning French illustrator Isabelle Simler. From the winner of the New York Times Best Illustrated Children's book, comes a beautiful meditation on what makes a home.

Each creature featured in this beautiful collection shows a unique way that they build their home, and poetic text accompanies each, making this both a narrative, non-fiction treasury and a poetic reflection on what nature can teach us. Discover how a beaver builds a safe dam for it's family and how a tailor bird forages for grasses and animal hairs to use as threads, to sew a truly tailor-made nest. In this book, children and parents alike will discover in vivid colour and poetry, all the wild ways there are to build a home. 


ISBN: 9780711287099

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64 pages