Asterix: Asterix in Corsica

Album 20

René Goscinny author Albert Uderzo illustrator


Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group

Published:17th Nov '05


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Asterix: Asterix in Corsica cover

The 20th album chronicling the much-loved adventures of Asterix and friends.

The latest action-packed adventure from our indomitable Gauls, Asterix and the Griffin, is out now!

Vendettas, fierce family pride, resistance fighters dodging the enemy in the maquis - we're in Cosica in 50 BC. Asterix and Obelix help Chief Boneywasawarriorwayayix to foil the evil designs of Praetor Perfidius and oppose Julius Caesar's army. For the only emperor the proud Corsicans will ever accept, so they say, must be a Corsican himself...

ISBN: 9780752866444

Dimensions: 280mm x 217mm x 6mm

Weight: 236g

48 pages