From Burned Out to Fired Up

A Woman's Guide to Rekindling the Passion and Meaning in Work and Life

Leslie Godwin author


Publisher:Health Communications

Published:5th Apr '18

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From Burned Out to Fired Up cover

As a recovering workaholic, psychotherapist and author who has helped thousands of professionals find meaningful work, Leslie Godwin knows the effects of stress and job burnout--physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. For the millions of struggling women who wear many hats, Godwin offers real solutions - it's not about balancing or multitasking; it's about making true life changes that result in a renewal of passion and meaning. For corporate professionals, budding entrepreneurs or stay-at-home mothers (and yes, that's work, too!), Godwin's compelling case studies, helpful tips, quizzes and worksheets will change their lives.

ISBN: 9780757301957

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304 pages