Greenwild: The World Behind The Door

The Must-Read Magical Adventure Debut of 2023

Pari Thomson author Elisa Paganelli illustrator


Publisher:Pan Macmillan

Published:1st Jun '23


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Greenwild: The World Behind The Door cover

Nevermoor meets Narnia in this spectacular magical adventure with an environmental twist from Pari Thomson, an unforgettable new voice in children's fantasy.

A stunning debut adventure reminiscent of Nevermoor and Strangeworlds, with a wildly magical voice and an ecological twist.

Open the door to a spellbinding world where the wilderness is alive and a deep magic rises from the earth itself. Greenwild: The World Behind the Door is the first book in Pari Thomson's New York Times bestselling fantasy series.

'Phenomenal . . . If you don’t believe in magic, you will after you’ve read Greenwild' - A. F. Steadman, author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

'A spellbinding, enchanting read' - Hannah Gold, author of The Last Bear

Daisy Thistledown has escaped from boarding school and has a mystery to solve. Her search for her missing mother will lead her across London and through a hidden doorway to another world, filled with plants and bursting with magic: the Greenwild.

But all is not well in this astonishing land. Before long Daisy finds herself confronting a dangerous presence that threatens green magic on both sides of the door. Daisy must band together with a botanical genius, a boy who can talk to animals, and a cat with an attitude, to channel the power that can revive the Greenwild and find her missing mother - and save her own world too.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Greenwild, beautifully illustrated by Elisa Paganelli.

'An eco-thriller novel every child should read' - The Telegraph

'Greenwild is a thrilling adventure that takes seed in your imagination and runs wild!' - M. G. Leonard, author of Beetle Boy

'I adored this book!' - Aisling Fowler, author of Fireborn

Phenomenal . . . If you don’t believe in magic, you will after you’ve read Greenwild. -- A. F. Steadman, author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief
This wonderful book is a masterclass in how to write a timeless adventure story . . . Thomson is a razor-quick writer, who always keeps the reader tottering near a cliff. * The Telegraph *
The scene-setting is exquisite and the writing a delight. * The Times, Children's Book of the Week *
A spellbinding, enchanting read full of wildness and beauty. -- Hannah Gold, author of The Last Bear
This enthralling story is entwined with the magic of the natural world, and in Daisy Thistledown, Pari Thomson has created a brave and endearing hero who grows with each new challenge. Elisa Paganelli’s stunning illustrations make this a truly wonderful book that children will love. -- M. G. Leonard, author of Beetle Boy
Thomson has created a gorgeous, utterly believable world as magical and magnificent as the Amazon rainforest itself. I adored this book! -- Aisling Fowler, author of Fireborn
I adored this wild and wondrous adventure . . . After delving into the lush, magical world of the Greenwild, I never wanted to leave! -- Maria Kuzniar, author of The Ship of Shadows
Bursting with charm and imagination, Greenwild is a rare and wondrous treasure that had me spellbound from first page to last. -- Catherine Doyle, author of The Storm Keeper's Island
A beautifully realised eco-fantasy that will open a door in readers' hearts. -- Chris Riddell
Greenwild simply glows with wild magic. Pari’s beautiful writing is exquisitely crafted and ever so vivid . . . A delightful read that charmed me from start to finish – I can’t wait to read what Pari Thomson writes next! -- Sophie Kirtley, author of The Wild Way Home
I fell utterly in love with this sharply beautiful, contemporary adventure, of a courageous girl seeking to find her brilliant mother and uncovering a diverse heritage of wild magic. -- Cerrie Burnell, author of Wilder Than Midnight
Wildly thrilling and beautifully written . . . An immensely accomplished debut, rooted with magic! -- Carlie Sorosiak, author of I, Cosmo
A spectacular debut. A mesmerising eco-mystery filled with twists and turns and infused with green magic. -- Rashmi Sirdeshpande
A garden of delights, full of danger and magic, mystery and friendship . . . themes of environmental conservation and community cooperation will resonate with readers of all ages. -- Jennifer Adam
A wonderfully whimsical story with a beautiful world - and lots of mystery and adventure - for readers to immerse themselves in. Pari Thomson is an exciting new author. -- Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars
Expertly wrought and worth planting on shelves. * Kirkus *
A gloriously imaginative adventure story * Newbury Today *
Greenwild delivers that Narnia feeling . . . This will send roots and shoots into the imagination of 9-12s, with lovely illustrations by Elisa Paganelli. * New Statesman *
A completely original and beautiful fantasy adventure * Armadillo *
Exquisitely balancing compelling detail with thrilling action, this has a strong eco message at its heart. Beautiful. * BookTrust *

ISBN: 9781035015733

Dimensions: 224mm x 146mm x 39mm

Weight: 506g

400 pages