Game Changer

Neal Shusterman author


Publisher:Walker Books Ltd

Published:11th Feb '21


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Game Changer cover

An ambitious and magnetic novel from the New York Times bestselling Neal Shusterman, about a teenage American football player forced into a series of parallel lives.

As a star player on his high school American football team, Ash is used to taking some hard hits. But that one run in his last game must have knocked him a little loose, because suddenly his life doesn’t look quite the way he remembers it.

As Ash bounces into worlds that are almost-but-not-really his own, he starts to question everything, including his own perceptions and place in his own reality. But can he even work out how to get back there?

A timely, speculative thought experiment in perspective, privilege, and identity. * Kirkus *
Neal Shusterman's books are impossible to put down. * Read Plus *
The originality of Shusterman’s writing and narration makes this story an engaging read. The topics addressed will resonate with all teens in some way, alerting them to the truth of our emerging world. * Reading Time *
The author throws in many topics for older teenagers including racism, sexuality, gender equality, and coercive control in relationships. Family relationships and the difficulties during adolescence are also interwoven in the narrative. A mature teenager will find something in this story to make them think. * The School Librarian *
The conceit behind Shusterman’s latest is truly unique. While it exhibits the author’s usual storytelling aplomb, it also manages to delve into more serious and timely subject matter, such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. Despite these heavy topics, the story still moves at a lively pace and, thanks to a zany sci-fi twist, manages to pack in a few laughs as well. * Booklist *

ISBN: 9781406398632

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 24mm

Weight: 277g

400 pages