To The Other Side

A powerful story of two refugees searching for safety

Erika Meza author


Publisher:Hachette Children's Group

Published:20th Jul '23

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To The Other Side cover

'A thoughtful, profound, important book' Irish Independent
'A realistic but hopeful look at two children's emigration' Publishers Weekly

Powerful and timely, To The Other Side explores the journey of two young refugee children in search of safety. Perfect for opening up conversations about conflict and war, encouraging empathy and understanding.

A young boy and his older sister have left home to play a game. To win, she tells him, they must travel across endless lands together and make it to the finish line.

Each child imagines what might be waiting for them across the border: A spotted dog? Ice cream! Or maybe a new school. But the journey is difficult, and the monsters are more real than they imagined.

And when it no longer feels like a game, the two children must still find a way to forge ahead, and reach the other side.

A stunning, symbolic and emotionally rich picture book about the spirit and strength it takes to leave your home behind. Beautifully brought to life by author-illustrator Erika Meza.

'One of the best picture books I've read in recent memory' Steve Antony
'Perceptive and exquisitely illustrated' Flavia Z. Drago
'Beautiful. Beautifully illustrated. Beautifully told' Jarvis
'An incredible book' Mark Bradley
'Simply impeccable' Steven Lenton
'An instant classic' Celine Kiernan

One of the best picture books I've read in recent memory. Astounding. -- Steve Antony, creator of Mr Panda
A thoughtful, profound, important book * Irish Independent *
The perfect starting point to open up conversations about love and war * Belfast Telegraph *
This book is beautiful. Beautifully illustrated. Beautifully told. -- Jarvis, creator of The Boy with Flowers in His Hair
I cannot recommend it enough - it is an incredible book -- Mark Bradley, creator of Bumble and Snug
The palette, the characters, the compositions, the message and author's note are simply impeccable -- Steven Lenton
This perceptive and exquisitely illustrated picture book will leave its readers questioning the complex reality of child migration
A gorgeously rendered, heartbreaking look at one family's. migration experience * Kirkus Reviews *
Powerful . . . a realistic but hopeful look at two children's emigration * Publishers Weekly *
A powerful and moving story.

ISBN: 9781444971781

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