Victorian Convicts

Helen Johnston author Barry Godfrey author David J Cox author

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd

Published: 1st Jun '16

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The criminal lives of 100 Victorian convicts based on the official records of the police and prison authorities.What was life like in the Victorian underworld - who were the criminals, what crimes did they commit, how did they come to a criminal career, and what happened to them after they were released from prison? Victorian Convicts, by telling the stories of a hundred criminal men and women, gives the reader an insight into their families and social background, the conditions in which they lived, their relationships and working lives, and their offences. They reveal how these individuals were treated by the justice and penal system of 150 years ago, and how they were regarded by the wider world around them. Such a rare and authentic insight into life in and out of prison will be fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in the history of crime and criminals, in legal and prison history and in British society in the nineteenth century.

ISBN: 9781473823730

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224 pages