The Boy You Always Wanted

Michelle Quach author


Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd

Published:3rd Aug '23


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The Boy You Always Wanted cover

Love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places when Francine persuades her secret crush Ollie to befriend her ageing grandfather.

"Totally in love with this novel." Loan Le, author of A Pho Love Story

A girl, a boy, a grandfather and a plan.

The girl: Francine. Model teenager, dutiful granddaughter, absolutely no chill.

The grandfather: Francine's beloved a gung. He has one final wish, a male heir to carry on the family traditions. It's an outdated idea, but Francine loves him, and she has a plan to bring him the boy he always wanted.

The boy: Ollie. Family friend, former crush, no idea how Francine has convinced him to get mixed up in her off-the-wall, and totally sexist, honorary grandson plan.

The plan: might work. But as Ollie and Francine's worlds collide, their secrets get tangled, and so do their feelings. Sometimes what you really want, isn't at all what you expected.

Michelle Quach's effortlessly flowing prose is steeped in love and kindness. Readers will rejoice as they witness Francine and Ollie movingly come to accept their families, each other, and most important, themselves. Totally in love with this novel. * Loan Le, author of A Pho Love Story *
Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, this story highlights the interweaving of family and tradition and how this impacts ways love is demonstrated. Insightful and emotionally resonant. * Kirkus *
Adorable! Love how Ollie and Francine bring out the best sides to each other and the slow burn is one hundred percent swoon worthy. * Abiola Bello, author of Love in Winter Wonderland *
A fast-paced, genuine and enjoyable read. * CultureFly *

ISBN: 9781474989749

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