Raspberry Pi Retail Applications

Transform Your Business with a Low-Cost Single-Board Computer

Elaine Wu author Dmitry Maslov author



Published:15th Mar '22

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Raspberry Pi Retail Applications cover

Increase productivity and lower the operating cost of your business by automating crucial business processes with the Raspberry Pi. After completing this book's projects you'll be able to determine the best way to quickly apply automation to existing systems and processes in your retail outlet with Raspberry Pi.   
You’ll start by composing ideas to transform your business, and then gain practical, accessible methods for executing them. Find real-world ways to implement tech solutions to accelerate the growth of your business, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of retail automation with this book. Then see what automation can and cannot do at the current level of technical progress for retail businesses. By comparing the efficiency of machines with manual labor, you’ll be able to assess how open-source hardware performs in lowering operating costs and identify business components that can be improved with automation. 
Raspberry Pi Retail Applications features projects that are easy to dive into and will function readily in your day-to-day business right now.     
What You'll Learn

  • Identify business components that can be improved with automation  
  • Combine the existing array of Raspberry Pi hardware options to build customized solutions  
  • Implement tech ideas in a practical retail environment to reduce cost and streamline your business processes  
Who This Book Is For
Small and medium business owners or technology officers looking for solutions to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and drive up profits for their retail companies with automation. Familiarity with open-source hardware and programming skills is helpful, but not necessary.  

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246 pages

1st ed.