The Storm Swimmer

Clare Weze author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:19th Jan '23


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The Storm Swimmer cover

An unforgettable adventure about a life-changing friendship spanning an ocean of difference.

The author of THE LIGHTNING CATCHER is back with an exciting, imaginative and heartfelt middle grade novel perfect for fans of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant and The Shark Caller. Summer was supposed to be Ginika's time for fun, friends and fairs. But instead she's been sent to live at the dead-end seaside boarding house her grandparents run. Even though her parents say it’s just for a little while, she can’t help feeling abandoned and heartbroken to be missing out on everything she loves back home. And then she meets Peri. He leaps and dives through the water like a dolphin and he talks like a burst of bubbles. He’s not exactly a mermaid, but he’s definitely something Ginika's never seen before. His family is far away too, but unlike Ginika, he loves his independence. As Ginika shows Peri her world, she starts to feel free as well. They don’t need anyone else when they’ve got each other. But then the lights and noise of the human world start to change Peri. And when things spin out of control, Ginika must be the bravest she's ever been to face her fears and make the hardest decision of her life. Join Ginika and Peri as they dive beneath the waves and walk the lands that will take them into each other's worlds on an adventure they will never forget and a life-changing friendship.

I loved Clare's book. Every sentence a sea sparkle, luring me into new and beautiful worlds beneath the surface where myth and evolutionary magic meet. Marvellous! * Zillah Bethell, author of The Shark Caller *
A fun, fast-paced fusion of science and imagination ... an electrifying adventure! * Sophie Anderson on THE LIGHTNING CATCHER *
I loved this story of intrigue, danger and complicated friendship. Clare Weze is an amazing new voice * Nizrana Farook on THE LIGHTNING CATCHER *
An intelligent, highly charged, imaginative novel where science and fiction mesh and fizz extraordinarily to create a weird and wonderful adventure * Candid Cocoa on THE LIGHTNING CATCHER *
This is great fun; an energetic middle-grade debut with a fresh contemporary feel and a good dash of Stranger Things * Bookseller on THE LIGHTNING CATCHER *

ISBN: 9781526622211

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336 pages