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52 Ways to Walk

The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy, One Week at a Time

Annabel Streets author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:23rd Mar '23


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52 Ways to Walk cover

An inspiring and informative handbook that presents 52 different ways to walk, one for each week of the year.

'Fascinating ... Connected both to old wisdom and new scientific frontiers of discovery' Lauren Laverne --_--_'We can all learn something from 52 Ways to Walk. I know I can.' Michael Ball, BBC Radio 2 -- Walking strengthens our bodies, calms our minds and lifts our spirits. But it does so much more than this. Our vision, hearing, respiration, sleep, cognition, memory, blood pressure, sense of smell and balance are all enhanced by how we walk. For instance: · Walking in cold weather burns extra fat and builds more muscle. · Walking alone strengthens our memories. · Walking in woodland helps us sleep. · And there’s nothing more restorative than a romantic nighthike. Our choice of location, time, direction, duration, walking companion and gait, as well as the weather we opt to walk in, can transform our daily stroll. Here, Annabel Streets shares the thrill of 52 different ways to walk, explaining the latest science behind each one, and providing practical tips for making the most of your daily steps. 52 Ways to Walk is a revelatory and informative handbook for anyone stuck in a walking rut, curious about the lesser-known benefits of walking or merely in need of some on-foot novelty and adventure.

Full of clearly presented science, nuggets of history and infectious enthusiasm for being out in the world and simply walking as a way of tackling so many of our ills... The ideal companion for an afternoon’s urban ramble -- Anna Fielding * Observer *
The Queen of walking * Robert Elms, BBC Radio London *
We might think we know everything we need to about walking but there is always more to discover. This book is about how walking is connected both to old wisdom and new scientific frontiers of discovery … If you’re not a habitual walker this book will give you good reasons why you should get started and, if you are experienced, ways to keep it fresh … Fascinating * Lauren Laverne *
We can all learn something from 52 Ways to Walk. I know I can * Michael Ball, Radio 2 *
The most amazing book * Penny Smith, Scala Radio *
A delightful balance of ideas, inspiration and science. The short punchy chapters fit well between walks and make them even more enjoyable * Tristan Gooley, author of The Walker's Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs *
Urges readers to put on walking shoes, offering a weekly, new perspective on walking, no matter where you live * Irish Independent *
Walking adds greatly to our lives, and this insightful and wise book adds greatly to our walking. Page after page, it's a pleasure to follow in the author's footsteps * Duncan Minshull, editor of Sauntering and Where My Feet Fall *
Streets carefully breaks down the psychological and physical benefits of [walking], and makes a solid case that getting some movement in outside can help one “appreciate the exquisitely complicated and beautiful world we inhabit.” Readers ready to hit the pavement will find plenty of inspiration and information here * Publishers Weekly *
Spiritual, educational, and informative * Booklist *
Annabel Streets delves into the science and romanticism of walking and explores the good things that can happen with this one small act * Reader's Digest *

ISBN: 9781526656445

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352 pages