Free Love

The exhilarating new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Late in the Day

Tessa Hadley author


Publisher:Vintage Publishing

Published:9th Feb '23


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Free Love cover

As London comes alive with the 1960s youth revolution, one woman makes a choice that defies all expectations.

'So real and humane and utterly transporting' Meg Mason

It's 1967 and London is alive with the new youth revolution. In the suburbs, meanwhile, Phyllis Fischer inhabits a world of conventional stability. Married with two children, her life is both comfortable and predictable.

But when Nicky - a twenty-something friend of the family - visits one hot summer evening and kisses Phyllis in the dark of the garden, something in her catches fire. Newly awake to the world, Phyllis makes a choice that defies all expectations . . .

'Wonderful' Marian Keyes

'My favourite author' Kate Atkinson

'Achingly moving and real' Guardian

'Beguiling' Hilary Mantel

'Compelling' Elizabeth Day

'Will bring you to tears' Daily Mail

So real and humane and utterly transporting; fresh and yet, with the feeling of a beloved classic. -- Meg Mason, author of SORROW AND BLISS
I utterly LOVED this book!!!!! Tessa Hadley might be my new favourite writer... she is wonderful. -- Marian Keyes
A beguiling novel, deceptively easy to read; beneath the surface swim disturbing and age-old questions about freedom and fate. -- Hilary Mantel
Tessa Hadley is my favourite author. -- Kate Atkinson
Beautifully structured and brilliantly paced. It displays Tessa Hadley's extraordinary skill at making both surface life and deep interiors come fully alive. -- Colm Tóibín

ISBN: 9781529115239

Dimensions: 194mm x 128mm x 28mm

Weight: 220g

320 pages