Elizabeth Finch

From the Booker Prize-winning author of THE SENSE OF AN ENDING

Julian Barnes author


Publisher:Vintage Publishing

Published:23rd Feb '23


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Elizabeth Finch cover

The Sunday Times Bestseller from the Winner of the Booker Prize

She will change the way you see the world . . .

'I'll remember Elizabeth Finch when most other characters I've met this year have faded' The Times

Elizabeth Finch was a teacher, a thinker, an inspiration. Neil is just one of many who fell under her spell during his time in her class. Tasked with unpacking her notebooks after her death, Neil encounters once again Elizabeth's astonishing ideas on the past and on how to make sense of the present.

But Elizabeth was much more than a scholar. Her secrets are waiting to be revealed . . . and will change Neil's view of the world forever.

'Enthralling . . . A connoisseur and master of irony himself, [Barnes] fills this book with instances of its exhilarating power' Sunday Times

'A lyrical, thoughtful and intriguing exploration of love, grief and the collective myths of history' Booklist

[Barnes] is always clever, often original and unusually funny... Elizabeth Finch...offers plenty to chew on...with barely a sentence in it that doesn't have some nutritional value. -- John Self * The Times *
A singular tale. -- Stephanie Cross * Daily Mail, *Books to Look Out For 2022* *
Everything Barnes writes changes everything... Barnes's latest novel, must be read at least twice for the full force of its voltage to be felt... A cryptic crossword of a novel, Elizabeth Finch is a tricksier and even brainier version of Flaubert's Parrot. -- Frances Wilson * Oldie *
The book's central and most enthralling section...deals with a figure EF esteemed as a kindred spirit: Julian the Apostate... A bravura exercise in nimbly handled erudition... [Elizabeth Finch] also celebrates the cast of mind Barnes most prizes. A connoisseur and master of irony himself, he fills this book with instances of its exhilarating power. -- Peter Kemp * Sunday Times *
Elizabeth Finch ranks alongside Barnes' best. -- Joshua Pugh Ginn * UK Press Syndication *

ISBN: 9781529116076

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192 pages