Run Rose Run

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Published:16th Feb '23


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The global number one bestseller, set to become a hit movie produced by Reese Witherspoon and starring Dolly Parton.







Find a future. Lose a past.

She's a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her.

She's also on the run.

Nashville is where she's come to claim her destiny.

It's also where the darkness she's fled might find her. And destroy her . . .

RUN ROSE RUN: a story glittering with danger and desire.

Also available: an album of 12 original Dolly Parton songs made for the novel!


Readers are loving Run Rose Run

'It feels so authentic'
'This book pulls you in from page 1 and you don't want to put it down.'
'I would give the novel ten stars were it possible'
'Fabulous book. Could feel Dolly in the writing. James was his usual, story telling at his best'
'A great read, fabulous characters, short sharp chapters . . . A terrific collaboration'
'Beautifully written'
'A wonderful story . . . redemptive and inspiring'
'A true page-turner'

More praise for Run Rose Run

'Deserves to be a runaway success' Express
'Enthralling, terrifying, moving' Lee Smith
'A thrilling journey' Kathleen Grissom
'I absolutely loved it!' Ross King
'A sublime partnership' Sun
'This is going to be BIG' The Times
'You'll find yourself pulled right in' I Paper
'Told with passion and sensitivity' Daily Mail
'Will have you rooting for them all the way' Guardian
'One great read' Lisa Gardner
'A diverting duet' Financial Times
'Smart, spirited and entertaining' Daily Mirror

Warm, feisty. Like having Dolly in the room with you -- VAL McDERMID
Run Rose Run grips your heart from the start and never lets go. Like a great Dolly Parton song, it is rich with heart, humour and humanity, full of a yearning for the light even in the darkest of nights. Unforgettably good stuff. -- TONY PARSONS, bestselling author of the DC Max Wolfe series
Taut and exciting. Patterson's mastery plus Parton's insider knowledge of Nashville's dark underbelly equals one great read. -- LISA GARDNER, bestselling author of the Detective D. D. Warren series
Run Rose Run is a suspenseful tale of a young musician desperate to escape her troubled past. A thrilling journey from two beloved voices, set against the backdrop of the country-music scene. -- KATHLEEN GRISSOM, bestselling author of The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything
Dolly Parton is the beating heart and yearning soul of this amazing novel. Enter James Patterson, who knows how to grab a reader by the throat, kick up the suspense, and move a novel along better than anybody else in the world. Run Rose Run is enthralling, terrifying, enlightening, and moving all at once. -- LEE SMITH, bestselling author of The Last Girls and Dimestore
I absolutely loved it! -- ROSS KING
A detailed, loving, professional portrait of a country music songwriter's process, whether alone and dreaming or down in the studio. * The Times *
One of the most eagerly anticipated thrillers of 2022 * Daily Express *
Told with passion and sensitivity it is as much a tribute to Parton's warmth and humanity as it is to Patterson's skill as a thriller writer * Daily Mail *
A diverting duet . . . [Dolly Parton] is able to supply an authenticity in the details of the American music business . . . The autobiographical aspects of the novel are foregrounded: AnnieLee is as diminutive as Run Rose Run's co-author, with a similarly sparky, self-deprecating character. * Financial Times *
Just like Parton's hit songs, you'll find yourself pulled right in * i Paper *
Smart, spirited and thoroughly entertaining . . . set against the backdrop of the toxic music industry, Dolly's fury at the way women are treated blazes off the page. A wish fulfilment fairytale grounded in grit . . . deserves to be a runaway success * Daily Express *
An iconic singer and a master storyteller make for a sublime partnership in this fun and fast tale. * Sun *
All the great country songs are about heartbreak, about gittin' back on your feet and startin' over. Ultimately, that is where this book scores. AnnieLee is an adorable firecracker of a heroine . . . Run Rose Run has a sweet moreishness that will keep millions happily turning its 409 pages (plus lyrics at the back). Parton and Patterson may have invented a new style; let's call it Dolly Mixtures . . . Seriously, is there anything this phenomenal 76-year-old cannot do? * Daily Telegraph *
The likable trio will have you rooting for them all the way * Guardian *
If you love Dolly (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), you'll enjoy the ride. * Woman's Weekly *
A deliciously hokey yarn about a young singer-songwriter (AnnieLee) struggling to shake off her murky past and make a career in Nashville. * Independent *
Dreams, drama and danger, with a generous sprinkling of magic and wisdom at every turn, it makes for a super holiday or bedtime read * Herald *
A perfect daily serving of soapy escapism * Guardian Weekly *
A big-hearted tale of music and perseverance from a living country legend is our top literary pick this month . . . Along the way, we get plenty of genuinely interesting information about the country-music world . . .Frankly bonkers fun * Reader's Digest *
Sassy AnnieLee and the Nashville music scene come across as authentic, and the plot speeds along with good humour and energy * Irish Independent *
James Patterson is promiscuous with his charms. He has co-written thrillers with Bill Clinton, now he has snuggled up to another Southern institution, Dolly Parton. In this thriller a young singer-songwriter in Nashville is determined to make it big, but - surprise, surprise - she's on the run from her deadly past . . . It's going to be big. * The Times *
America's master storyteller and much-loved performer join forces * Sun *
Tells the story of a down-on-her-luck singer songwriter whose career is turbo-charged by a country music legend bearing more than a passing resemblance to the legendary Parton herself * Sunday Express *
Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? As well as being a wonderful singer, songwriter and actor, she has created a remarkable legacy as a philanthropist for children's literacy. Parton has now joined forces for a writing duet with bestselling author James Patterson. * Independent *

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