The Four Corners of the Heart

An Unfinished Novel

Françoise Sagan author Sophie R Lewis translator


Publisher:Amazon Publishing

Published:20th Jun '23

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The Four Corners of the Heart cover

From the internationally bestselling author of Bonjour Tristesse comes the surprise publication of a novel she never finished—and a story that evokes her greatest works. French literary star Françoise Sagan was just eighteen when she published her first bestseller, Bonjour Tristesse, in 1954. Decades later, this short novel surfaced: an unfinished manuscript that wittily dissects the romantic lives of its bourgeois characters. The glamorous Marie-Laure never expected her wealthy older husband to survive a devastating car accident that left him in a fragile mental and physical condition. But three years later, Ludovic Cresson returns home to the family estate and finds himself in the throes of a tumultuous marriage. Overseeing this tense dynamic is Henri, the patriarch, who wants to see his son recover but detests various members of his own family. When Marie-Laure’s mother visits the estate, the family equilibrium falters spectacularly. As Ludovic’s virility returns, he cannot resist the charms of his mother-in-law—and neither can his father. The story ends abruptly, but it offers a vivid, if open ended, look into some of Sagan’s final undiscovered characters.

“Despite being unfinished, Sagan’s razor-sharp portrayal of the upper classes is on full display in this fine novel.” —Library Journal “There’s a romantic charm, innocence and otherworldliness to this book of a kind unlikely to be found in a contemporary novel…a curiously pleasing reminder of what a one-off Françoise Sagan was.” —The Spectator

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