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That's Mathematics

A fun introduction to everyday maths for ages 5 to 8

Chris Smith author Elina Braslina illustrator


Publisher:Mama Makes Books

Published:14th Mar '24

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That's Mathematics cover

“In the footsteps of Tom Lehrer, Chris Smith shows that you are never too young to have fun with maths.”Johnny Ball, TV presenter and lifelong maths lover

**Shortlisted for The Week Junior Book Awards 2024 - Children's Book of the Year: STEM Book**
**Shortlisted for the School Library Association's Information Book Award 2024**
**Books for Topics Recommended Reads: 50 Best Books for Year 1**

**Chalkdust Readers' Choice 2023**

That's Mathematicsis a maths book like no other. It's a vibrant, colourful book for young children showing them that maths is useful, interesting, fun and EVERYWHERE! They use it every day when they count, share, play, do sport, make cakes or move to music.

Aimed at children from 5 to 8 years, the youngest can enjoy it as a picture book, reading Lehrer's rhyming song lyrics and looking at Elina Braslina's joyful illustrations. They will pick up a basic understanding of real-world maths and learn some core maths language along the way. Older children are challenged to 'Try This' and 'Explore This' by author Chris Smith, who is a maths teacher, musician and all-round maths enthusiast. The activities are designed to deepen their curiosity and knowledge.

There are supporting online activities to continue the fun, plus notes for parents to encourage you to get involved and help you discuss topics covered and keep the learning going after the book is closed. 

Perky, quirky, and totally fun!  What joyous Maths lies within these brilliant pages.

-- James Tanton, founder of the Global Math Project

Teacher Smith was inspired by Tom Lehrer's song That's Mathematics to create this celebration of maths, which contains challenges to do at home and is vibrantly illustrated by Braslina.

* The Bookseller *

The world would be a better place if Mr Smith was everyone's maths teacher! Here’s your chance to join him on a fabulously entertaining journey exploring how each of us is using Maths all the time.


-- Bobby Seagull, mathematician, broadcaster and author

In the footsteps of Tom Lehrer, Chris Smith shows you are never too young to have fun with maths.

-- Johnny Ball, TV presenter and lifelong maths lover
Chris Smith has done a wonderful job of breathing EVEN MORE life into Tom Lehrer's already amazing song. This book is such a great way to show that Maths is more than just a class and problems in a textbook. It's all around us! That's Mathematics is a brilliantly fun book that's sure to make mathematics the talk of your home!   -- Michael Stevens: creator and presenter of Vsauce YouTube channel

Cleverly uses the songs to introduce mathematical puzzles and activities with joyful images of children exploring mathematics dotted throughout the book.

* Books for Topics, Year 1: 50 Recommended Reads *

That’s Mathematics, with its magnificent illustrations by Elina is SUPERB!  With inspiration for teachers, children and parents I love that it takes its inspiration from Tom Lehrer’s clever song and shows how we are surrounded by and engaging with maths in all aspects of our lives – often without even thinking about it.

-- Schools Communities Team * Scottish Book Trust *

This vibrant non-fiction dazzler makes maths fun and relevant! Highly recommended for little ones who've already caught the maths bug, and - importantly - for those struggling with numeracy. Chris Smith's That's Mathematics is an inspirational winner, with Elina Braslina's lively illustrations adding to the engaging, energetic vibe.

-- Joanne Owen * LoveReading4Kids *

This is fun and practical maths, with questions, lots of everyday examples and exercises for young readers to try to deepen knowledge and understanding.

* Absolutely Education *

Fun and full of questions and things for children to explore.

* Just Imagine Book Blast *

That’s Mathematics was written by Chris Smith, Scotland’s number one maths teacher, as a tribute to the mathematician and songwriter Tom Lehrer, who is famously as playful with words as he is with numbers.

-- Alex Bellos * The Guardian *

Illustrated joyfully by Latvian artist Elina Braslina and each page is sprinkled with puzzles, tasks and challenges that explore the topics mentioned in the lyrics from Tom Lehrer.

* The Daily Record *

It’s Lehrer’s song That’s Mathematics that sets the beat for this fun and informative picture book.

* The Lancashire Post *

Should foster and encourage [children’s] love of maths and reading at the same time!

* Dean Boddington @MisterBo

  • Winner of Chalkdust Readers’ Choice 2023 (UK).
  • Short-listed for SLA Information Book Award 2024 (UK).
  • Short-listed for The Week Junior Book Awards - Children's Book of the Year: STEM Book 2024 (UK)

ISBN: 9781739774851

Dimensions: 260mm x 220mm x 4mm

Weight: 184g

32 pages