Redemption - Clone Rebellion Book 7

Steven L Kent author


Publisher:Titan Books Ltd

Published:9th Aug '13

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Redemption - Clone Rebellion Book 7 cover

Earth, 2516 A.D.: The Unified Authority has spread human colonies across the Milky Way, keeping strict order with a powerful military made up almost entirely of clones. But now the clones have formed their own empire, and they aim to keep matter who they must defeat. Steven L. Kent is an American author, best  known for the Clone series of military science fiction and his video game journalism. As a freelance journalist, he has written for the Seattle Times, Parade, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, the Japan Times, and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He also wrote entries on video games for Encarta and the Encyclopedia Americana.

"Harris is an honest, engaging protagonist and thoughtful narrator, and Kent is a skilful storyteller." (Sci Fi Weekly)"

ISBN: 9781781167229

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400 pages