The Clone Rebellion - Book 10


Steven L Kent author


Publisher:Titan Books Ltd

Published:25th Nov '14

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The Clone Rebellion - Book 10 cover

Earth, 2519 A.D. The clone soldiers of the Enlisted Man's Empire, formerly members of the Unified Authority's powerful military, believe they have finally secured their freedom. They may not live to learn how wrong they are - After launching an unsuccessful invasion of Washington, D.C., the Unified Authority is on the verge of defeat. Then the clones discover the U.A.'s last-ditch plan for survival: a super weapon, a virus designed to attack the clones' internal architecture. Only one clone is immune to the virus - Wayson Harris, an outlaw model with independent thoughts and an addiction to violence. As his empire collapses, Harris begins a one-man war against the government that created, betrayed and ultimately destroyed his brothers. But fighting the war becomes more difficult as the rush from the constant combat drives Harris increasingly insane -

ISBN: 9781783293391

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400 pages