Ele Fountain author


Publisher:Pushkin Children's Books

Published:4th May '23


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A moving, page-turning novel about a family's grief and the crisis afflicting the rainforest, from the prize-winning author of Boy 87 and Fake Ever since Jack's dad died, he's had a heavy feeling inside. The pressure keeps building. Looking for release, he starts skiving school and hanging around with a group who like to cause trouble. It's easy to hide his new habits from his mum, an environmental anthropologist, because she's too busy with work and conservation trips to notice. As Jack spins further out of control, his mum eventually becomes concerned - and shocks him by suggesting a trip together. But this will be no relaxing holiday. Soon Jack finds himself on an expedition deep into the rainforest, far from anything he's ever known. He wanted an adventure - but has he plunged into real danger?

ISBN: 9781782693840

Dimensions: unknown

Weight: unknown

256 pages