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A Theory of Capitalist Regulation

The US Experience

Michel Aglietta author David Fernbach translator


Publisher:Verso Books

Published:1st Sep '15

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A Theory of Capitalist Regulation cover

A classic account of US capitalism from the founder of the radical "Regulation school"

Aglietta's path-breaking book is the first attempt at a rigorous historical theory of the whole development of US capitalism, from the Civil War to the Carter presidency. A major document of the "Regulation School" of Marxist economics, it was received as the boldest book in its field since the classic studies of Paul Baran, Paul Sweezy and Harry Braverman. This edition includes a substantial new postface by Aglietta which brings regulation
theory face to face with capitalism at the beginning of the new millennium.

One of the most important and stimulating books in Marxian political economy ... for many years. * Capital and Class *
Regulation Theory's 'founding statement.' -- Robert Brenner * New Left Review *
Writing within the particularly vigorous discourse of contemporary French Marxism, Aglietta confirms the increasing interest of European Marxists in all aspects of U.S history and social development. -- Mike Davis

ISBN: 9781784782382

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