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The Ripple Effect Signed Edition

Britain's Brilliant Wild Swimming Communities

Anna Deacon author Vicky Allan author


Publisher:Bonnier Books Ltd

Published:28th Sep '23


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The Ripple Effect cover

After the success of Taking the Plunge in 2019, Anna Deacon & Vicky Allan have seen wild swimming take off. From those who bathe in ice cold sunrise waters to wild swimmers under a moonlit sky, whether you like a dip in the buff, ice therapy or are on a mission to find like-minded people to share the experience of menopause, mental health issues and more, there is a community out there for everyone. As they swim their way through the country, they find a ripple effect.Swimmers changing the world and transforming their own lives together. As they spread the joy of immersion they also unearth tips and tricks from the wild swimming community, from the best spots, to safety tips and most importantly, how to find your own wild tribe.

ISBN: 9781785304712-S

Dimensions: 249mm x 189mm x 30mm

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