The Art of Rest

How to Find Respite in the Modern Age

Claudia Hammond author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:29th Oct '20


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Drawing on brand new research, this is an examination of rest and why it matters from Radio 4's voice of psychology


Shortlisted for the British Psychological Society Book Award for Popular Science

Much of value has been written about sleep, but rest is different; it is how we unwind, calm our minds and recharge our bodies. The Art of Rest draws on ground-breaking research Claudia Hammond collaborated on: 'The Rest Test', the largest global survey into rest ever undertaken, completed by 18,000 people across 135 different countries. The survey revealed how people get rest and how it is directly linked to your sense of wellbeing.

Counting down through the top ten activities which people find most restful, Hammond explains why rest matters, examines the science behind the results to establish what really works and offers a roadmap for a new, more restful and balanced life.

Fascinating, entertaining and lucidly written . . . If we accept that reading is the most restful activity . . . The Art of Rest ought to be equivalent to a scientific siesta. The only trouble is that this outstanding book is far too stimulating to be restful * * Observer * *
Claudia Hammond's superb book reminds us of a truth that's too often forgotten: that rest isn't just an indulgence, but an essential part of a life lived well -- DR RANGAN CHATTERJEE * * bestselling author of The 4 Pillar Plan * *
At a time when our waking lives appear to be more frantic and distracted than ever before, switching off has never been more of a challenge. The Art of Rest equips us with fresh research and information on how to rest more, and rest better, to get the most out of life. Reading it is a rest itself -- MATT HAIG
A soothing balm for a frazzled generation -- ADAM RUTHERFORD * * author of A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived * *
Not only is The Art of Rest an enjoyable read, touching on scientific evidence in a light, accessible manner, it delivers on its promise too . . . Reading, according to Rest Test participants, is one of the best ways to rest. So if you want to change your 24/7 lifestyle, opening The Art of Rest may well be a good start * * New Scientist * *
Hammond valiantly unearths some great nuggets . . . quirky humour and sunny enthusiasm kept me reading * * Sunday Times * *
A clarion call . . . It reminds us that in these frazzled times, rest is not an indulgence but an essential * * Sunday Telegraph * *
The prolific and brilliant Claudia Hammond has done it again, this time with the science of how to make the most of our lives in work, rest and play -- KEVIN FONG * * author of Extreme Medicine * *
A thoughtful and enlightening book, perfectly mixing anecdote and evidence -- ROBIN INCE
A practical and inspiring book on the benefits of quality downtime and the secrets of how to unwind * * Scotsman * *

  • Short-listed for British Psychological Society Book Award for Popular Science 2020 (UK)

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