Godless Morality

Keeping Religion Out of Ethics

Richard Holloway author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:4th Apr '19


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A fascinating exploration of human morality from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Waiting for the Last Bus and Leaving AlexandriaIf the use of God in a moral debate raises more problems than it solves, is it better to leave God out of the argument altogether and find strong human reasons for the rules we live by? Godless Morality is a refreshing, courageous and human-centred justification for contemporary morality.

The title of this book might suggest it is an unusual one for the Bishop of Edinburgh to have written, but one can't help be glad that he did . . . Holloway's language and style are engaging, his research conscientious and his conclusions thoughtful and frequently wise * * Sunday Times * *
Passionate [and] provocative * * Observer * *
A book of morals for our brave new world, by a very wise man indeed. Inspiring. Fascinating. Full of hope -- FAY WELDON
Lucid and exhilarating * * Independent on Sunday * *
His conclusions are refreshing . . . a brave and scholarly book * * Observer * *
This is a courageous book for a bishop to write, and everything it says about morality is right and true * * Literary Review * *
The lucid, forthright arguments of this short collection of lectures reveal a character who is brave enough not to try to define a morality based on the present rather than the past . . . mixes thought-provoking references not only to the Bible, but to such varied influences as Wilfred Owen, Nietszche and Gulliver's Travels, and forces us to recognise the necessity of an improvised morality rather than one based on fear and bigotry * * Scotsman * *
Lucid, convincing and manifestly compassionate -- MARY WARNOCK

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