Doubts and Loves

What is Left of Christianity

Richard Holloway author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:4th Apr '19


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A re-examination of the state of Christianity from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Waiting for the Last Bus and Leaving AlexandriaIn this passionate and heartfelt book, Richard Holloway interrogates the traditional ways of understanding the Bible. In doing so he demonstrates the power of the great Christian stories as they apply today, away from their sometimes antiquated settings, providing a blueprint which takes the core teachings of the Christian past and invigorates them with renewed power for today's world.

A sensitive, brave and inspiring book -- KAREN ARMSTRONG
I don't know when I have been more impressed, indeed, excited, by a work . . . It answers the seemingly tormenting questions in a completely satisfying way -- RUTH RENDELL
A thoughtful, playful, courageous and deeply altruistic book . . . a fine companion for anyone who wishes to live a life of any depth -- A.L. KENNEDY
It will appeal to all of us who continue to be interested in the moral challenge of our time -- JEANETTE WINTERSON
This is an exhilarating book. It is not every day that you encounter a person of Richard Holloway's experience wrestling with the very foundations of his chosen way of life. This in itself gives the book a tone of urgency * * Scotsman * *
With imagination and audacity, Richard Holloway's Doubts and Loves offers a fearless critique of the faith, with uncertainty and disbelief accorded full dignity * * Sunday Herald * *
Holloway's latest book is engaging, accessible, informative, sensible and compassionate. One of the fascinating things about Doubts and Loves is the light it sheds on the writer. The picture that emerges of Richard Holloway is of an intelligent, learned, very decent man, struggling to find his way through the absurdities, anachronisms and cruelties of the faith that has been at the very centre of his life * * Sunday Herald * *

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