Monstrous Design

Kat Dunn author


Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Published:3rd Feb '22


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Monstrous Design cover

The French Revolution is on the brink of collapse and dangerous forces are poised to fill the vacuum. Can the Battalion survive to keep evil at bay?

With swashbuckling, super-fast paced action and own voices queer romance, The Battalion of the Dead return in a dazzling new adventure, set amid the opulence and squalor of 18th-century London and Paris. 1794, London: where luxury and squalor rub shoulders and men of science conspire to raise the dead and make monsters. From the glamorous excesses of the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to the city's seedy underbelly, Camille continues her search for Olympe de l'Aubespine – the girl born of magic and mayhem. But with half the battalion trapped in Paris and a new enemy lying in wait in London, time is running out. Camille must decide how much she's willing to risk. To get what you want, how far is too far? Perfect for fans of Netflix's Shadow and Bone series.

The action is swashbuckling, the characters believable and you will very quickly find yourself so immersed that you will be back in 1794, in the midst of the panic, the danger and the action, in the blink of an eye. Not only is there action but we have thrilling adventure and must be prepared for opulence and squalor too, this is a no-holes-barred read, gritty and exciting * Armadillo Magazine *
The plot is tight and totally believable, the characters are strong... This is YA at its best. I'm off to buy the first instalment of what's going to be a very popular series. Recommended' * Historical Novels Review *
Dunn is capable of creating a wonderful sense of tension and mystery... My 15-year-old self would have loved it whole-heartedly' * ParSec *
The Battalion of the Dead series has everything you could want from an historical YA fantasy: adventure, opulence, lies, science, magic and a captivating band of rebellious characters at its heart * CultureFly *
Dashing young heroines and a strong LGBTQ voice * The British Fantasy Society *

ISBN: 9781789543704

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480 pages