Language Teacher Wellbeing across the Career Span

Sarah Mercer author Giulia Sulis author Sonja Babic author Astrid Mairitsch author


Publisher:Multilingual Matters

Published:12th Apr '23


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Language Teacher Wellbeing across the Career Span cover

Responds to the need for more research into how to support language teachers though periods of high occupational stress

This book explores language teacher wellbeing across the lifespan, casting light on the professional trajectory of language teachers. It reveals the personal and professional challenges and resources of teachers at different phases of their careers, and how they can preserve and nurture their wellbeing and thrive in the long-term. 

This book explores language teacher wellbeing across the career span from an ecological perspective. It reports on empirical findings from an extensive investigation into language teacher wellbeing in various social, cultural and linguistic contexts. It is unique in casting light on the professional trajectory of language teachers and opening up discussions on the characteristics, psychological needs and strengths of language teachers at different points in their careers. It examines wellbeing in terms of the dynamic interplay between the challenges individuals encounter in their personal and professional lives, and the psychological, social and contextual resources that they draw on to buffer the impact of these challenges. The findings of the study will help readers to understand how language teachers can protect and nurture their wellbeing, not only to remain in the profession, but also to thrive in the long-term. The book will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the lives, wellbeing and psychology of language teachers in diverse contexts and career phases.

As a teacher who has traversed the four career phases reflected in this book, I can personally attest to the veracity of the authors’ characterization of the dynamic nature of wellbeing and the internal and external factors that influence it. I highly recommend that all teachers everywhere, no matter their current trajectory, read this book. Unquestionably, they’ll find themselves reflected somewhere in these pages and feel the camaraderie and kindredship that can only be felt by being a teacher. * Tammy Gregersen, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates *
The authors’ investigation of challenges and resources within a broader ecology that teachers juggle over a career span is both timely and necessary. A must-read for L2 language teacher educators, practitioners and researchers who are concerned about teacher wellbeing. * Peter I. De Costa, Michigan State University, USA *
This is a much-needed book within the rapidly evolving field of language teacher psychology. It astutely confirms the importance of attending to the wellbeing of teachers of all career stages, acknowledging the diversity of the teaching workforce and highlighting how teachers can thrive in their professional roles. Highly recommended and has now become my favourite! * Christina Gkonou, University of Essex, UK *

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