The Incredible Pop-up Mummy

With 20 flaps to lift and giant pop-ups

Moira Butterfield author Phung Nguyen Quang & Huynh Thi Kim Lien illustrator


Publisher:Templar Publishing

Published:13th Oct '22


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The Incredible Pop-up Mummy cover

A pop-up guide to Ancient Egyptian mummies

An intricate pop-up guide to Ancient Egyptian mummies

An intricate pop-up book to mark the centenary of Tukankhamun's Tomb's discovery in 1922.

100 years ago, Howard Carter and his team made an incredible find: the undisturbed tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, buried for more than 3,000 years. Now you too can discover the treasures of Tutankhamun's tomb, in this fascinating book all about ancient Egyptian mummies.

Packed with multi-layered pop-ups and flaps to lift, this incredible feat of paper-engineering allows the reader to make their own finds, page after page. From the pyramids and tombs where mummified pharaohs were buried, to the process of making a mummy, you'll soon be an expert on the art of mummification and the amazing rituals involved.

Written by internationally-successful author Moira Butterfield of A Trip to the Future, consulted by Stephanie Boonstra of the Egypt Exploration Society, and illustrated by award-winning Vietnamese duo Quang and Lien, this fact-packed pop-up is sure to be a hit with readers 7+.

Print - This richly detailed book brings ancient Egypt to life with pop-ups of pyramids and death masks. It even contains instructions on mummification.

Online - Highly informative and richly detailed, this magnificent book brings ancient Egypt to life with pop ups of pyramids and death masks. It even contains instructions on the process of mummification.

-- Marianne Levy * i newspaper *
To mark the centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb, this fabulously intricate and informative pop-up book with 3D pyramids, the boy-Pharaoh's golden death mask and even a section on how to make a mummy (don't try this at home) makes for a fully interactive experience -- Sally Morris * Daily Mail *
This spectacular lift-the-flap book opens out in intricate layers, revealing how mummification happens, the interior of the Great Pyramid, what was under Tutankhamun's death mask and the mysteries of Egyptian burial rituals. A must for Egyptophiles of 7+.A -- Imogen Russell Williams * The Guardian *
A beautifully produced book with intriguing and exciting pop-ups and flaps to lift, which reveal well researched information. The illustrations are appealing and the balance of text vs illustrations is well judged, and probably aimed at about 10 years (and up!). The papercraft really makes this book very engaging, with multiple layers to explore, and further illustrations and facts to discover on every page. -- Kate Fulcher * The British Muse

ISBN: 9781800781412

Dimensions: 327mm x 245mm x 22mm

Weight: 724g

16 pages