Travellers to Unimaginable Lands

Dementia, Carers and the Hidden Workings of the Mind

Dasha Kiper author


Publisher:Profile Books Ltd

Published:2nd Mar '23


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Travellers to Unimaginable Lands cover

An illuminating, compassionate exploration of the psychology of caregiving - and the mysterious world of the human mind

A Guardian Best Book of 2023 A Telegraph Best Summer Book 2023 A RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEK 'A book so humane and quietly profound that everyone should read it' Bee Wilson, Financial Times 'The best book I have ever read that explores the effect on the brain of the carer, when someone has dementia. Unmissable' Professor June Andrews, dementia expert and author of Dementia: The One-Stop Guide 'This book will forever change the way we see people with dementia disorders-and the people who care for them.' Lori Gottlieb, author of Maybe You Should Talk To Someone A husband believes his wife is an imposter. A man's sudden, intense Catholic piety provokes his wife. A mother and daughter struggle to come to terms with the disease that intensifies an already dependent relationship. At their root, these existential dilemmas grow out of long-established patterns of behaviour that bind together patients and caregivers. Travellers to Unimaginable Lands explores the complex and profound psychology of caregiving, illuminating how the healthy brain's biases and intuitions make caring for people with dementia disorders so profoundly and inherently difficult. Blending neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and literature with beautifully-observed case studies, Kiper illuminates the underlying mental mechanisms behind carers' experiences, dispels the myth of the perfect caregiver and, in the process, opens the door to understanding and forgiveness.

A work of exceptional compassion ... deeply imaginative ... immeasurably valuable. * Guardian *
Startling and moving ... a book so humane and quietly profound that everyone should read it -- Bee Wilson * FT *
This book will forever change the way we see people with dementia disorders-and the people who care for them. Kiper compassionately illuminates the complex bond between us and our loved ones suffering from cognitive decline, surprising us with what we can learn about ourselves through this experience and the ways our own minds both deceive us and make us uniquely human -- Lori Gottlieb, New York Times-bestseller author * Maybe You Should Talk To Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed *
Kiper can write with an Oliver Sacks-like clarity ... a wise book, and one that is unsettling in the best way -- James McConnachie * New Scientist *
What if caregivers are just as much victims of Alzheimer's as their charges? ... a fascinating account of the psychology of caregiving ... the message of this compassionate book is that confusion is, deep down, part of the human condition * Daily Telegraph *
The best book I have ever read that explores the effect on the brain of the carer, when someone has dementia. Unmissable for anyone who is supporting a carer. Helped my understanding leap forward -- Prof June Andrews, author * Dementia: The One-Stop Guide *
Informative, insightful, and enriched by hard-won experience ... [Kiper's] work is about finding better stories to help carers manage their emotions .... a guide to thinking better about the social dynamics of dementia care * TLS *
Skillfully crafted case studies illustrate the tensions between patient and caregiver ... Kiper takes inspiration from Oliver Sacks, and, like Sacks, peppers her clinical observations with apposite literary allusions (to Borges, Kafka and Melville, inter alia) * Literary Review *
Astute and humane ... engaging ... a unique and essential read * Irish Times *
Painful, poignant, funny, revealing and instructive ... Dasha Kiper has words of advice and support for those who are caring for loved ones with dementia * Radio Times *
A kind and thought provoking book; poignant and full of rich insights from neuroscience and social psychology, skilfully introduced to make the stories come alive. Dasha Kiper's book is full of accessible insights into the complexity of travelling between the past, present and future, and her rich and humane perspective is hopeful as well as grounded in the reality of what people suffer -- Gwen Adshead, author * The Devil You Know *
Inspired by her experience as a live-in carer for a Holocaust survivor with Alzheimer's disease, Kiper blends clinical psychology and literary verve in a timely exploration of the psychology of caregiving -- 'The Books to Read in 2023' * Financial Times *
Drawing on case studies that focus on both the person with dementia and the care-giver, the book makes use of neuroscience and psychology to provide a new perspective on the condition and its effects -- Charlie Runcie, 'On My Wavelength' * Daily Telegraph *
Fascinating ... a worthwhile and accessible read both for carers and those who may not understand the pressures under which these often underappreciated workers must somehow find ways to survive the loss of a loved one who continues to live -- Jackie Law * Bookmunch *
Filled with insights and clinical jewels from start to finish, this book has much to teach us about the brain, our emotions, and the self. It is a treasure -- Norman Doidge, author * The Brain that Changes Itself *
An eloquent and gripping book about personalities and the dances between them, exposing what dementia reveals about both the patient and the caretaker. Stirring, persuasive, and memorable -- David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Stanford and author * Livewired *
How do we cope with those who have lost something as profound as the 'normal' sense of self? Travellers to Unimaginable Lands is a compassionate and insightful book about dementia and its startling effects -- Roz Chast, author * Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? *
This book - richly endowed with experience and wisdom - is a treasure. It provides those who care for the neurologically impaired the comfort of empathic insight into their own problematic behaviour. Like no other book, it examines how taking care of the impaired mind affects one's own mind and sets up an internal struggle that reveals something fundamental about the human brain. I predict a long life for Travellers to Unimaginable Lands for anyone interested in or intimately involved with those afflicted by dementia -- Vivian Gornick
Dasha Kiper's exhilarating and enlightening book offers sensitive, intimate portraits of Alzheimer's caregivers and their loved ones, enhanced by an informed tour of the mind and how it works. I can think of no other book that covers the challenges caregivers face - the 'fine, nearly impossible line' they must walk - with such insight and understanding. For them, Kiper provides a priceless way to find the meaning in the journey, and to feel less alone -- Robert Kolker, author * Hidden Valley Road *

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