Lessons in Chemistry

The multi-million copy bestseller

Bonnie Garmus author


Publisher:Transworld Publishers Ltd

Published:2nd Mar '23


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Soon to be a major Apple TV series starring Brie Larson

'Sparky, rip-roaring, funny, with big-hearted fully formed, loveable characters'SUNDAY TIMES

'The most charming, life-enhancing novel I've read in ages. Strongly recommend' INDIA KNIGHT
Your ability to change everything - including yourself - starts here

Chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman. In fact, Elizabeth Zott would be the first to point out that there is no such thing.

But it's the early 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings Research Institute take a very unscientific view of equality. Forced to resign, she reluctantly signs on as the host of a cooking show, Supper atSix. But her revolutionary approach to cooking, fuelled by scientific and rational commentary, grabs the attention of a nation.

Soon, a legion of overlooked housewives find themselves daring to change the status quo. One molecule at a time.
A Book of the Year for: Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home, Stylist, TLS, Oprah Daily, Newsweek, Mail on Sunday, New York Times, India Knight, Hay Festival, Amazon and many others

Winner of the Goodreads Choice Best Debut Novel Award
Author of the Year at the British Book Awards
As read on BBC Radio Four
Hay Festival Book of the Year

'Biting and cheerIng in exactly the right measure' JOJO MOYES
'I lovedLessons in Chemistry and am devastated to have finished it!' NIGELLA LAWSON
'Laugh-out-loud funny and brimming with life, generosity and courage' RACHEL JOYCE
'A novel that sparks joy with every page' ELIZABETH DAY
'Elizabeth Zott is an iconic heroine' PANDORA SYKES
'A page-turning and highly satisfying tale'MAGGIE SHIPSTEAD, author of GREAT CIRCLE
The TV cook bit hooked me right in and did not disappoint' NADIYA HUSSAIN

The most charming, life-enhancing novel I've read in ages. A perfect delight. It's about Elizabeth Zott, a scientist who accidentally becomes a TV cook in the early 1960s. Very strongly recommend * INDIA KNIGHT, SUNDAY TIMES *
This triumphant feminist fable, wittily observed, is teeming with vivid comic set-pieces * TELEGRAPH, Fiction of the Week *
Polished, funny, thought-provoking. Wearing its research lightly but confidently with sentences so stylishly turned it's hard to believe it's a debut ... The real pleasure is in the dry wit of Garmus's writing * GUARDIAN, Book of the day *
Not only is Elizabeth an unforgettable character, so too are her adorable dog Six Thirty and daughter, Mad. This is a truly unique book with some great life lessons * WOMAN AND HOME, Best Books of 2022 *
A book that sparks joy with every page. LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY is both funny and rousing: it had me laughing one minute and air-punching the next. Bonnie Garmus has created an unforgettable heroine * ELIZABETH DAY *
It's the world versus Elizabeth Zott, an extraordinary woman determined to live on her own terms, and I had no trouble choosing a side. Lessons in Chemistry is a page-turning and highly satisfying tale: zippy, zesty, and Zotty * MAGGIE SHIPSTEAD, author of GREAT CIRCLE *
Full of humour, heartbreak and characters who feel like real people. This is a book that everyone will be talking about * RED MAGAZINE *
I haven't loved a character as much as the hero of this joyful, warm debut in a very long time * GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, Book of the Month *
Absolutely unputdownable. I completely loved it * RICHARD E GRANT *
A transporting read, recommended for fans of Where'd You Go, Bernadette and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel * STYLIST MAGAZINE, BOOKS TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN 2022 *
In Garmus' debut novel, a frustrated chemist finds herself at the helm of a cooking show that sparks a revolution. Welcome to the 1960s, where a woman's arsenal of tools was often limited to the kitchen - and where Elizabeth Zott is hellbent on overturning the status quo one meal at a time * NEW YORK TIMES *
A truly unique book with some great life lessons * WOMAN AND HOME, BEST BOOKS OF 2022 *
A fast-moving plot, zippy dialogue and wry sense of humour. A satisfying story with hateable villains and loveable good guys. Garmus's sparkling writing is a breath of fresh air * SUNDAY EXPRESS *
Elizabeth Zott is the smart, fierce star of Garmus' witty debut. Brilliant * MAIL ON SUNDAY *
Lessons in Chemistry is a vibrant and original story of hope and staying true to yourself. Laugh-out-loud funny, shrewdly observant, and brimming with life and generosity and courage * RACHEL JOYCE *
A timeless book. Elizabeth Zott is an iconic heroine - a feminist who refuses to be quashed, a mother who believes that her child is a person to behold, rather than to mould, and who will leave you, and the lens through which you see the world, quite changed * PANDORA SYKES *
THE antidote to life's current grimness: a shrewd, witty, inventive, feminist comedy you should all race to read * PATRICK GALE *

Entirely enjoyable, totally engrossing novel, Garmus' beautifully drawn characters, her polished, engaging prose and a hugely satisfying plot make for a glorious read.

Lessons In Chemistry is alight with warmth, wit and hard-won wisdom. Absolutely wonderful

Fast, funny and furious * DAILY EXPRESS *
Original and refreshing. Elizabeth Zott is one of those singular, unforgettable characters you don't come across enough in fiction. Witty and dark, it is both a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how much still has to change for true equality * PRESS ASSOCIATION *
Zott is a brilliantly realised character whom it's impossible not to love...[a] warm and addictive novel which cleverly and entertainingly unpacks the thorny questions around women's empowerment, the need to be true to oneself and why we should refuse to accept the limitations others try to impose on us. A triumph * DAILY MAIL *
Smart, funny, big-hearted * SUNDAY TIMES *
A fabulous novel. Compelling, satisfying, a real page-turner * NINA STIBBE *
Witty, inspiring and a joy * I-NEWSPAPER *
Feminism is the catalyst that makes [Lessons in Chemistry] fizz like hydrochloric acid on limestone. Elizabeth Zott does not have 'moxie'; she has courage. She is not a 'girl boss' or a 'lady chemist'; she's a groundbreaker and an expert in abiogenesis. . . To file Elizabeth Zott among the pink razors of the book world is to miss the sharpness of Garmus's message. Lessons in Chemistry will make you wonder about all the real-life women born ahead of their time - women who were sidelined, ignored and worse because they weren't as resourceful, determined and lucky as Elizabeth Zott. She's a reminder of how far we've come, but also how far we still have to go * NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW *
Lessons in Chemistry is a breath of fresh air - a witty, propulsive, and refreshingly hopeful novel populated with singular characters. This book is an utter delight - wry, warm and compulsively readable * CLAIRE LOMBARDO, author of THE MOST FUN WE EVER HAD *
A proper page turner which really made me giggle. It's so dry. The humour has a gorgeous lightness of touch. I really enjoyed it * STEVE WRIGHT, BBC RADIO TWO BOOK CLUB *
Original, fresh, tender, funny and warm. The story dances and swirls, captivating the reader from the first page. Elizabeth Zott is the most wonderful character. Just fantastic * SINEAD MORIARTY *
Strikingly relevant. . . Darkly funny and poignant. . . Lessons in Chemistry's excellent experiment is quirky and heartwarming * THE ATLANTIC *
A funny, thought-provoking revenge story. Elizabeth Zott is ahead of her time. This is such a great book, everyone should read it! * SHAPARAK KHORSANDI *
Garmus has made feminism not just palpable, but delicious * I-NEWS *
A truly involving and uplifting book! Bonnie Garmus addresses serious topics with humour that is genuinely funny. I especially liked the dog. Mine only appears to know one word, which is 'supper', but there again she is a Labrador. I'm sure this is going to be a great success, and deserves to be * ANNE YOUNGSON, Costa Book Award-shortlisted author of MEET ME AT THE MUSEUM *
This incredible novel has EVERYTHING - an unforgettable heroine, wry humour, love, family and bucketloads of optimism and female empowerment. It's WONDERFUL * HANNAH BECKERMAN *
An energetic debut ... A more adorable plea for rationalism and gender equality would be hard to find * KIRKUS (starred review) *
Bold, smart and often hilarious look at so-called women's work * REAL SIMPLE, US *
Charming and emboldening tale with a vintage sheen... A thoroughly entertaining and emboldened look at gender in the 1960s. A must read! * MAGIC RADIO, BOOK CLUB READ *
Garmus delivers an assured voice, an indelible heroine and relatable love stories * WASHINGTON POST *
Elizabeth is a woman who challenges the norms of a woman in the 60s...her perseverance to succeed is enthralling. The fight to do what she really wants, and that alone, is one that'll have you rooting for her throughout * STYLIST *
Indefatigable and formidable, Elizabeth pushes the bounds of how women and their work are perceived in this thoroughly engaging debut novel * BOOKLIST *
A kicky debut, this book tackles feminism, resilience, and rationalism in a fun and refreshing way * BUZZFEED *
Every bit as brilliant as everyone is saying. Funny, clever, full of heart and wonderful characters. I loved it * A J PEARCE *
Unforgettable ... Elizabeth Zott is intelligent, fearless, determined and utterly inspiring * CULTUREFLY *
An absolute delight. Zott is a cracking protagonist - strikingly single-minded, socially awkward, fiercely determined to forge her own path * FINANCIAL TIMES, Best Audio Books *
Witty, fast-paced and unabashedly amusing' Lessons in Chemistry is 'written with charm, verve and piercing insight ... a future classic * LITERARY REVIEW *
The best book I've read recently. I loved it * SARA COX, BBC 2 Between the Covers *
I loved it. You don't want to finish it. You don't want to put it down. It's wonderful to hear a voice that has total honesty and clarity. I love that Elizabeth Zott is funny and hasn't got a clue that she's funny * DEBORAH MEADEN, BBC 2 BETWEEN THE COVERS *
I loved everything about it. There were so many things I could relate to * STEPHEN BAILEY, BBC 2 BETWEEN THE COVERS *
i couldn't put it down. It was so easy to read: hilarious, heartfelt. With all of the issues that we are still dealing with right now. Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure * SUKH OJLA *
Laugh-aloud funny, witty and provocative, LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY recreates the rampant sexism of America just before Betty Friedan's THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE and the bonfire of the bras * THE TIMES, audiobook of the week *
A funny, big-hearted read * THE TIMES, Summer Reading Choice *
I adored this confident, witty portrait of an unforgettable woman and her time * DAILY MAIL, Summer reading recommendations *
One of the smartest and funniest novels to appear this year * THE NEW EUROPEAN *
We guarantee you will love this charming debut * HELLO MAGAZINE *
This smart, uproarious, emotional page-turner...has been the year's runaway hit. Rightly so * SUNDAY TIMES, Books of the Year *
Irresistible, a gorgeous tribute to resilience and the many types of love that sustain us * OPRAH DAILY *
Sharp and deliciously readable. Brings bite as well as charm to the tale of a super-rational scientist navigating sexism in early 60s America. * GUARDIAN, Books of the Year *
The idiosyncratic wit of this year's blockbuster debut is instantly appealing, but it's also a narrative with real bite.Uplifting and irresistibly zany * THE MAIL, Books of the Year *
I fell for Elizabeth Zott immediately. A wonderfully entertaining and empowering read * GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, Books of the Year *
A wonderful novel - polished, pacy, funny, witty, warm, life-affirming, and thought-provoking * SUNDAY MAIL, SCOTLAND *
Enchanting, clever, funny and packed with deeply engaging characters. I still think about it a lot * INDIA KNIGHT's Book of the Year, SUNDAY TIMES *

ISBN: 9781804990926

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