The Fugitives

Jamal Mahjoub author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:1st Apr '21


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Moving from Khartoum, Sudan, to Washington, D.C., and then across the US in a road trip unlike any other, this is a book about music, friendship and the desire for home

The Kamanga Kings, a Khartoum jazz band of yesteryear, is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime when a surprise letter arrives inviting them to perform in Washington, D.C. The only problem is . . . the band no longer exists.

Rushdy is a disaffected secondary school teacher and the son of an original Kamanga King. Determined to see a life beyond his own home, he sets out to revive the band. Aided by his unreliable best friend, all too soon an unlikely group are on their way, knowing the eyes of their country are on them.

As the group moves from the familiarity of Khartoum to the chaos of Donald Trump's America, Jamal Mahjoub weaves a gently humorous and ultimately universal tale of music, belonging and love.

A novel of regeneration through music and the secret hunger of quiet lives. It is an immersive, humorous and powerful novel from a truly great writer who deserves a very wide audience -- CHIGOZIE OBIOMA
A terrific work of fiction . . . Mahjoub moves his characters around one another and the events they've brought upon themselves with the command and finesse of a master storyteller who knows he has his audience enthralled . . . A truly humane story of love, hope, and faith. An exhilarating, profoundly moving, musical romp. I loved it -- MIRZA WAHEED
A rip-roaring adventure from Khartoum to Harlem and an ode to jazz, creativity and freedom of expression . . . a heartfelt and touching book * * Bad Form * *
Humorous * * Cosmopolitan * *
(A) powerful treatise on music and memory * * Open Country Magazine, Books of 2021 * *
Heartwarming * * Africa Report, Must-Read Literary Books of 2021 * *
The Fugitives offers readers a remarkable and entertaining story of a band of Sudanese musicians travelling far from home . . . Mahjoub's skill positions the Kings' playing as a practice that, as well as being magical, is a bridge, a form of profound resistance: "this isn't an orchestra; this is an army" -- Camilla Delhanty * * Africa in Words * *
Praise for A Line in the River: A wonderfully subtle exploration of place, identity and memory * * Guardian * *
A most absorbing and rewarding book -- MICHAEL PALIN
An affecting and heartfelt reminder for those of us who have passed time in Khartoum . . . I have been waiting more than fifty years for this book -- JIM CRACE

ISBN: 9781838850821

Dimensions: 220mm x 144mm x 32mm

Weight: 448g

336 pages