Thunder Bay

A Rebecca Connolly Thriller

Douglas Skelton author


Publisher:Birlinn General

Published:7th Mar '19


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Thunder Bay cover


When reporter Rebecca Connolly is told of Roddie Drummond’s return to the island of Stoirm she senses a story. Fifteen years before he was charged with the murder of his lover, Mhairi. When he was found Not Proven, Roddie left the island and no one, apart from his sister, knew where he was or what he was doing.

Now he has returned for his mother’s funeral – and it will spark an explosion of hatred, bitterness and violence.

Defying her editor's wishes, Rebecca joins forces with local photographer Chazz Wymark to dig into the secrets surrounding Mhairi's death, and her mysterious last words of Thunder Bay, the secluded spot on the west coast of the island where, according to local lore, the souls of the dead set off into the after life.

When another murder takes place, and the severe weather that gives the island its name hits, she is ideally placed to uncover the truth about what happened that night fifteen years before.

'Powerful flashbacks help build to the spectacular conclusion. Exquisite language, credible characters, and unrelenting suspense—this crime novel has it all'

* Publishers Weekly (US) *

'Digs deeply, focuses closely on the families at the heart of events. The novel follows Rebecca’s attempts to understand what being an islander means, and her own relationship with the island of Stoirm. I’d say it’s [Skelton’s] best yet, and I hope there are more to come in this vein'

* iScot Magazine *

'Skelton proves once more that he is master of his craft. I can’t think of many, if any, other writers who bring such varied and distinctive styles to their books. …[He’s] a writer who you can’t pidgeonhole or pin down. I, for one, can’t wait to see what he gives us next'

* Scots Whay Hae *

'Skelton builds up the suspense before going in for the kill. A particularly gripping thriller'

* Herald *

'An enthralling thriller that pulls you along at a cracking pace. A thoroughly enjoyable read that we’d highly recommend'

* Undiscovered Scotland *

'keeps you guessing, luring you page after page to conclusions and thinking you worked it out when no, no you really didn’t… this is my first dance with Skelton, it won't be my last'

* *

'It's beautifully written, descriptive and atmospheric. The pacing is perfect, and the conclusion unexpected. Douglas Skelton has delivered possibly his best work yet, and that really is saying something! It's a triumph'

-- Suze Clarke Morris * Simply Suze Reviews *

'A gripping and thrilling read from one of the great Scottish crime writers, themes of crime, mystery, secrecy and loyalty all woven together to make Thunder Bay one of those books that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.' 

-- Kate Noble * The Quiet Knitter *

'Douglas Skelton excels at planting little seeds throughout his writing, drawing the reader in, and ensuring that they pull up a chair and watch them grow. He succeeds in intriguing you and keeping you firmly on your seat until the last page is turned'

-- Sharon Bairden * Chapter In My Life blog *

'Dark, brooding, atmospheric and full of mystery, this is a book I would highly recommend you read. I loved it'

-- Jen Lucas * Jen Med’s Book Reviews *

'Skelton has produced an evocative, beautiful and tense tapestry of a read that will undoubtedly stand the test of time'

-- Mary Picken * Live and Deadly *

'The risks Skelton took in creating Thunder Bay have paid off in spades. As well as creating a sympathetic new protagonist, he has crafted an emotionally truthful tale and delivered it in a lyrical style that places him among Scotland’s top cadre of crime writers'

-- Louise Fairbairn * Scotsman *

'Immersive, compelling and shot through with Skelton’s pitch-black humour, Thunder Bay will reverberate like the last echoes of a storm long after you read the draw-dropping climax'

-- Neil Broadfoot

'Our finest emerging crime fiction talent'

* Quentin Jardine *

'[Skelton has] taken well to fiction, skilfully building up the atmosphere, developing the characters and keeping the unexpected twists coming along'

* The Hera

  • Long-listed for The McIlvanney Prize 2019 (UK)

ISBN: 9781846974731

Dimensions: 195mm x 130mm x 20mm

Weight: 237g

320 pages