Introducing Alain Badiou

A Graphic Guide

Michael J Kelly author Piero Pierini author


Publisher:Icon Books

Published:18th Sep '14


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Introducing Alain Badiou cover

Compact Introducing guide to one of the most controversial and challenging French philosophers in contemporary philosophy.

The works of French philosopher Alain Badiou range from novels, poems, 'romanopéras' and popular political treatises to elaborate philosophical arguments engaging with mathematical theory.

Badiou suggests that 'philosophy is always a biography of the philosopher', and throughout all of his writing there is a staunch commitment to emancipatory politics and a radical yet faithful subjectivity. His famous, or infamous, philosophy of emancipation is firmly grounded in his fidelity to the universal idea of a collective life.

Introducing Alain Badiou is an elegantly written and crisply illustrated guide to an essential contemporary thinker.

ISBN: 9781848316652

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