Memories After My Death

The Story of Joseph 'Tommy' Lapid

Yair Lapid author Evan Fallenberg translator


Publisher:Elliott & Thompson Limited

Published:1st Nov '12


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Memories After My Death cover

* A 'posthumous autobiography' of Tommy Lapid: holocaust survivor, journalist and unorthodox politician, written by his son Yair Lapid.; * Astonishing story encompassing the Jewish experience of 1930s Europe; the birth of Israel; London in the 1960s; Robert Maxwell's businesses in the 1980s and taking on the Israeli political system in the 21st century.; * Yair Lapid is leader of the centrist Yesh Atid party and a major figure in Israeli politics, a bestselling author and formerly his country's premier journalist and television presenter.; * Hebrew edition sold more than 70,000 copies in its first year.

Joseph 'Tommy' Lapid (1931-2008) survived the horrors of the Holocaust to become Israel's notorious yet beloved 'big mouth': a journalist, playwright, TV star, and finally deputy prime minister and leader of the anti-Orthodox movement. His is a very personal story as well as the breathtaking saga of a nation that emerged from the ashes.'Memories After My Death' is the story of Tommy Lapid, a well-loved and controversial Israeli figure who saw the development of the country from all angles over its first sixty years. From seeing his father taken away to a concentration camp to arriving in Tel Aviv at the birth of Israel, Tommy Lapid lived every major incident of Jewish life since the 1930s first-hand. This sweeping narrative is mesmerizing for anyone with an interest in how Israel became what it is today. Lapid's uniquely unorthodox opinions - he belonged to neither left nor right, was Jewish, but vehemently secular - expose the many contradictions inherent in Israeli life today.

This is an extraordinary book, which was written by a person after he passed away. No one, not even his best friends, could revive Tommy better than his own gifted son. --Ehud Olmert, former Israeli Prime Minister; ...a literary tour-de-force in which the son reassembles the voice, the spirit of the father so absolutely that, for most of this big book, it is the man himself who turns the pages of his life and speaks directly to the reader. --Jewish Chronicle --Jewish Chronicle

ISBN: 9781908739445

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416 pages