The Country Will Bring Us No Peace

Matthieu Simard author Pablo Strauss translator


Publisher:Influx Press

Published:9th Sep '21


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The Country Will Bring Us No Peace cover

Simon and Marie can't seem to have a baby. They decide to flee the city for an idyllic village, where things, they tell themselves, must be better. But their new home is gloomy, threatening, tinged with tragedy - things have not been the same since the factory closed down and the broadcast antenna was erected. In the trees, no birds are singing, and people have started disappearing... The Country Will Bring Us No Peace is celebrated Quebecois author Matthieu Simard's first work to be translated into English and published in the UK; a strange and poignant novella exploring grief and its aftermath.

ISBN: 9781910312834

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 10mm

Weight: unknown

132 pages