We are Made of Diamond Stuff

Isabel Waidner author


Publisher:Peninsula Press Ltd

Published:21st Apr '22


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We are Made of Diamond Stuff cover

Shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize and the Republic of Consciousness PrizeShortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize and the Republic of Consciousness Prize Polar bears emerge from t-shirts. Reeboks come to life. Nothing is normal in the house of Mother Normal. In Isabel Waidner’s second novel, we follow an unnamed narrator who looks like Eleven from Stranger Things, but is in fact a 36-year-old migrant working for minimum wage in a run-down hotel on the Isle of Wight. Along with their best friend, Shae, the narrator faces Ukip activists, shapeshifting creatures, and despotic bosses while trying to hold down their job and preparing for their Life in the UK test. This is fiction that extends the avant-garde tradition beyond the upper-class experience that it usually chronicles – making it over as an ally of working-class queer experience. Set against a backdrop of austerity and decline, We Are Made of Diamond Stuff is an irreverent, boundary-erasing piece of work that celebrates the radical potential of resistance, ingenuity, and friendship.

'Daringly experimental, this is the cutting edge.' - The Guardian; 'A novel that reads like an act of sabotage, of resistance, written as a song-scream against our nullifying need to belong. It is charged with undeniable life, like some explosive projectile aimed at all our insidious narratives (nationalism, exclusionary culture, corporatism, conservatism and so much more).' - Guy Gunaratne, author of In Our Mad and Furious City

  • Short-listed for The Republic of Consciousness 2019
  • Short-listed for The Goldsmiths Prize 2019

ISBN: 9781913512088

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112 pages