Catching Fire

A Translation Diary

Daniel Hahn author


Publisher:Charco Press

Published:5th Apr '22


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Catching Fire cover

An energizing real-time journey through the translation of Never Did the Fire and the process of literary translation.

In Catching Fire , the translation of Diamela Eltit's Never Did the Fire unfolds in real time as a conversation between works of art, illuminating both in the process. The problems and pleasures of conveying literature into another language—what happens when you meet a pun? a double entendre?—are met by translator Daniel Hahn's humor, deftness, and deep appreciation for what sets Eltit's work apart, and his evolving understanding of what this particular novel is trying to do.

"A frank, forensic diary that describes what happens when we set aside metaphors and begin the Sisyphean task of translation." —The Spectator

"Hahn is so smart and neurotic and funny." —New York Times

"Warm, witty, intellectual yet down to earth, Hahn has written a unique book." —The Monthly Booking

"A book full of insights into what goes on behind the translation scenes." —Tony's Reading List

ISBN: 9781913867256

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205 pages