The Blue Mask

Joel Lane author Joseph O’Neill editor


Publisher:Influx Press

Published:12th Oct '23


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The Blue Mask cover

WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY JOSEPH O’NEILL Neil is a student at Birmingham University, living a typical life of gigs, clubs, politics, sex. One night, after a row with his lover, Neil follows a stranger onto a canal towpath. The stranger turns on him and attacks, viciously carving up Neil’s face and leaving him mutilated beyond recognition. Neil’s recovery is a journey through surgical reconstruction and sexual alienation. His attempt to track down his attacker becoming a search for his own hidden, destructive self; a search that leads him to question values he had always taken for granted. First published in 2003 and long out-of-print, The Blue Mask is a hardcore emotional trip exploring the trauma of change and the nature of violence and of love.

ISBN: 9781914391057

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