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Memorial, 29 June

Tine Hoeg author Misha Hoekstra translator


Publisher:Lolli Editions

Published:2nd Feb '23


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Memorial, 29 June cover

Asta is invited to a memorial. It's been ten years since her university friend August died. The invitation disrupts everything - the novel she is working on and friendship with Mai and her two-year-old son - reanimating longings, doubts, and the ghosts of parties past. Soon a new story begins to take shape. Not of the obscure Polish sculptor Asta wanted to write about, but of what really happened the night of August's death, and in the stolen, exuberant days leading up to it. The story she has never dared reveal to Mai. Moving between Asta's past and present, Memorial, 29 June is a novel about who we really are, and who we thought we would become. It's a novel about the intensity with which we experience the world in our twenties, and how our ambitions, anxieties, and memories from that time never relinquish their grasp on how we encounter our future. In prose that shimmers like poetry, masterfully translated by Misha Hoekstra, Memorial, 29 June is an urgent yet tender reminder that sometimes pain is where the love is, and that grief, however thorny, should never go unspoken.

'This is clever writing. Hoeg clutches achingly at the bonds of youth gone by and pulls the strings of her story with ease. Hoekstra conveys in a buoyant translation.' - Martin Aitken, literary translator; 'Intimate and diamond-sharp, both in style and wit. Hoeg takes us to the raw, tender, and absurd intersection in a writer's life of what is, what once was, and what still could be.' - Saskia Vogel, literary translator and author of Permission; 'With an uncanny ear for line breaks and an eye for emotional vulnerability, Tine Hoeg draws a tender portrait of the friendship between Mai and Asta, confirming that the past tentacles into the present, whether we want it to or not.' - Anna Stern, author of all this here, now; 'Memorial, 29 June is a breathless read, delivered in pin-sharp prose. An understated novel of repressed love, grief and longing - and a subtle essay on the creative process. Hoeg deftly reveals Asta's hidden and written stories in tandem, from the first glimmer and restlessness of beginning, through urgency and self-isolation and denial, to the defining moment of declaration. Gorgeous.' - Sonia Overall, author of Eden; 'A fluid, minimalistic, carefully crafted, and precise novel - right down to every single line break and full stop.' - ELLE

ISBN: 9781915267115

Dimensions: 204mm x 132mm x 29mm

Weight: 400g

330 pages