What's Your FRO-blem?

De-Ann Smith author Naomi Gibson illustrator


Publisher:Carpenter's Son Publishing

Published:9th Dec '21

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What's Your FRO-blem? cover

Find your own rhythm, make a beat and sing it like a song, you will have so much fun reading this!

This rhythmic book of powerful affirmations with a poetic flare, is an easy - to - read must have. It is dedicated to little black girls and boys all across the globe.

What’s Your FRO-blem? is a confidence builder, using popular hair styles and terms associated with black natural hair in a much needed positive light. It’s a fun read for parents and children alike, as the aim is to embrace who you are naturally.

How many have been told, or have grown to believe that the way their hair naturally grows out of their heads isn’t beautiful? This was written to encourage persons to be proud of and accept how they were created.

What’s your FRO-blem? We don’t see any problems here.

ISBN: 9781954437180

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32 pages