Milton's Theology of Freedom

Benjamin Myers author


Publisher:De Gruyter

Published:18th Jul '06

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At the centre of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost (1667) is a radical commitment to divine and human freedom. This study situates Paradise Lost within the context of post-Reformation theological controversy, and pursues the theological portrayal of freedom as it unfolds throughout the poem. The study identifies and explores the ways in which Milton is both continuous and discontinuous with the major post-Reformation traditions in his depiction of predestination, creation, free will, sin, and conversion. Milton’s deep commitment to freedom is shown to underlie his appropriation and creative transformation of a wide range of existing theological concepts.

"Expressing and exploring one's view of the transcendent through plot and character instead of through thesis and argument gives theology a living character of flesh and blood. In the history of such work, Milton's Paradise Lost stands as a great achievement." [...] "The issues the book raises linger with the reader, which is a good sign that the book is well worth the read."T. J. Crutcher in: Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 84.4/2008

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