Pamela Anderson Author

Pamela Anderson is a Canadian actress, author, and activist. She founded The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations that fight for human, animal, and environmental rights ( She is busy writing her next book, The Sensual Vegan. Small-town Canadian girl takes her first plane ride--to land in L.A. (on Gay Pride Day) to shoot for Playboy ... (moved to L.A. in 1990) 14 American Playboy covers. 100s worldwide. the "damsel in distress." As it seemed ... was desired and always cared for by powerful and talented men ... Her free-spirited naivety leads her through wild romantic and difficult affairs. Marrying 2 rockstars and a professional gambler ... Her career-- From Playboy to Baywatch, to Barb Wire and Borat Surrounded by artists. A muse ... an activist, a misfit. 2 beautiful sons by Tommy Lee. Within a bohemian exotic life-- They have raised very grounded and interesting sons ... Out of the spotlight-- shielding them from the craziness of Hollywood, fiercely protecting their childhoods. Act II of her life. Kids are grown ... Full of different antics--indie films. Raw. Natural performances. Characters. More intimate and revealing than ever. Continuously surprising us ... She is fearless and bold. Has found the balance between Sexy and a funny self-deprecating awareness. Relentlessly Compassionate ... Adored by men and women around the world. Emma Dunlavey is a British-born photographer and artist based in Los Angeles. As a professional photographer, Emma is well known for shooting fashion, celebrities, and advertising. Her work has been published in many well respected publications worldwide. Additionally, her work and creative direction span to advertising campaigns ranging from large beverage companies to Fortune 50 companies such as Ford Motor. She has also shot campaigns for Gillette and Architectural Digest. Emma's other clients include Rosa Cha Brazil, BoBo (Bourgeois Boheme), Le Lis Blanc, ERRO, Pamela Couture Stockings, Woodstock Bourbon (New Zealand), Bonita de Mas, YC Jewels, PETA, Entertainment Tonight, and Endemol (Netherlands). Emma's artwork often stems from her photographic images. She works with beautiful resins and mixed media and uses a process of layering different imagery. She often incorporates 3-D objects into her pieces that give both elevated visual and tactile elements to her work. Emma's true passion is shooting the strength and beauty of women--capturing the "real moment" and glimpsing through the intimate window between photographer and subject. Learn more about her work at