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The Memory of Animals Signed First Edition

From the Costa Novel Award-winning author of Unsettled Ground

Claire Fuller author


Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd

Published:20th Apr '23


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The Memory of Animals cover

From the Costa-Winning, Women's Prize-shortlisted author of Unsettled Ground: a gripping, haunting novel about memory, love and survival, for readers of Never Let me Go and Leave the World Behind

Neffy is a young woman running away from grief and guilt, and the one big mistake that has derailed her career. When she answers the call to volunteer in a controlled vaccine trial, it offers her a way to pay off her many debts and, perhaps, to make up for the past.

But when the London streets below her window fall silent, and all external communications cease, only Neffy and four other volunteers remain in the unit. With food running out, and a growing sense that the strangers she is with may be holding back secrets, Neffy has questions that no one can answer. Does safety lie inside or beyond the unit? And who, or what is out there?

While she weighs up her choices, she is introduced to a pioneering and controversial technology which allows her to revisit memories from her life before: a childhood divided between her enigmatic mother and her father in his small hotel in Greece. Intoxicated by the freedom of the past and the chance to reunite with those she loves, she increasingly turns away from her perilous present. But in this new world where survival rests on the bonds between strangers, is she jeopardising any chance of a future?

The Memory of Animals is a taut and emotionally charged novel about freedom and captivity, survival and sacrifice and whether you can save anyone before you save yourself.

'Another literary page-turner ... Compulsive and thoroughly convincing. Terrific!' Clare Chambers, author of Small Pleasures

'Haunting and unsettling, moving and thoughtful, with horror lurking at the edges, this is a subtle, elegant novel. Claire Fuller is a huge talent' Lucy Atkins, author of Magpie Lane

Claire Fuller is such an interesting and original writer and she has produced another literary page-turner ... Compulsive and thoroughly convincing. Terrific! * Clare Chambers, author of Small Pleasures *
Haunting and unsettling, moving and thoughtful, with horror lurking at the edges, this is a subtle, elegant novel. Claire Fuller is a huge talent * Lucy Atkins, author of Magpie Lane *
Wonderful, sorrowful, haunting, tender, elegiac * Barney Norris, author of The Undercurrent *
Claire Fuller is a fascinating writer, and The Memory of Animals is further evidence of her powers. Her story is one of survival, but her subject is humanity itself. With immense skill, she shines a light on the dark heart of our existence - the beauty and brutality of human behaviour. This is an unforgettable novel * Kathleen MacMahon, author of Nothing But Blue Sky *
Stunning ... A page-turning, topical, edge-of-your-seat story that resonates with the reader on an emotional level, and leaves them thinking about it for a long time afterwards * Louise Morrish, author of Operation Moonlight *
The way she writes (with empathy but never sentimentality) moves my heart * Elizabeth Day, author of Magpie *
Claire Fuller strikes the perfect balance between beauty and melancholy * Clare Mackintosh, author of Hostage *
Claire Fuller is my favourite story-teller. I read The Memory of Animals in one sitting, swept up by the thriller-like pace and the sheer joy of reading a great story. Yet, in the book's aftermath, I was haunted by Neffy's fumbling humanity in the face of loss and fear, and how courage isn't always obvious - even to those who find it. Fuller's books come in at the eyes, but they settle right behind the heart. * Melanie Finn, author of The Hare *
Full of jeopardy and strangeness but also laced with Fuller's trademark generosity and compassion. A startling and satisfying book * Julie Myerson, author of Nonfiction *
Fuller excels in examining the everyday moments at the heart of a life ... A memorable meditation on how the human struggle to survive in captivity is not so different than that of our animal kin * Kirkus *
A story you'll both recognize from our collective recent past, and a thrilling departure from our reality * Good Housekeeping USA, The Best Books of 2023 so far *
A gripping page-turner, this apocalyptic tale is given warmth and depth by the portrayal of Neffy, a young woman with a complicated past to which she returns to escape the horrors of the present * Woman and Home *
A woman once undone by empathy now finds that it could be her salvation in Claire Fuller's stunning postapocalyptic novel ... Sobering and evocative,The Memory of Animals is a novel about who we choose to be when the lights go out * Foreword *
Following her award-winning novel Unsettled Ground, Fuller has returned with a piece of stunning speculative fiction * The i *
A haunting novel of second chances set in a near-future pandemic ... Intricately structured ... The entwined pain and pleasure of memory is at the heart of Neffy's story, as is the hard work of establishing trust and finding forgiveness, particularly for oneself. This is a pandemic novel, yes, but one that radically transcends the label * Publishers Weekly, Starred Review *

ISBN: 9780241614822-SF

Dimensions: 222mm x 144mm x 31mm

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320 pages