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No One Belongs Here More Than You

Miranda July author


Publisher:Canongate Books

Published:5th Feb '15


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No One Belongs Here More Than You cover

This bestselling, critically acclaimed short story collection is being canonised

Miranda July's bestselling, critically acclaimed short story collection - winner of the 2007 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award

Winner of the 2007 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award

'Blisteringly good' Guardian

In her remarkable stories of seemingly ordinary people living extraordinary lives, Miranda July reveals how a single moment can change everything. Whether writing about a middle-aged woman's obsession with Prince William or an aging bachelor who has never been in love, the result is startling, tender and sexy by turns. One of the most acclaimed and successful short-story collections, No One Belongs Here More Than You confirms Miranda July as a spectacularly original, iconic and important voice today.

Blisteringly good * * Guardian * *
There's beauty and tenderness here as well as great wit and, like the best stories, a delicious sense of the unexpected * * Metro * *
A stunning collection ... from a wonderfully quirky and highly original writer * * Venue * *
July's short fiction is quirky and self-consciously postmodern in style ... The best of her stories adds a depth of emotional truth which can persuade you to believe in her most oddball worlds. -- Helen Chappell * * Tribune * *
Surprising, amusing and touching ... they'll fill you with a renewed sense of wonder at the world * * Venue * *
Magically oddball ... rarely has such a thing been so entertaining * * Time Out * *
July's inventive tales swing from laugh-out-loud funny to heart-clenchingly sad * * Daily Telegraph * *
These stories are incredibly charming, beautifully written, frequently laugh-out-loud funny, and even, a dozen or so times, profound -- DAVE EGGERS
Astonishingly good ... mordantly funny * * Vogue * *
Intimate, original and more than a little strange, these are tales about people who are baffled and often overwhelmed by life. * * Daily Mail * *
Miranda July's is a beautiful, odd, original voice - seductive, sometimes erotic, and a little creepy too -- DAVID BYRNE
Wonderful * * Elle * *
The stories have a frank, direct tone that makes their loopiness charming ... July delights in revealing the unseen awkwardness of the everyday, and this collection is both resonant and complex * * Financial Times * *
July's writing has a whimsical, dreamlike quality ... she has an understanding of human truths and an extraordinary honesty about our wish for acceptance * * Guardian * *
Charming and funny * * Daily Telegraph * *
Exquisite * * LA Times * *
July's stories startle us at every turn, sometimes by their sexual frankness, sometimes by passages of impossibly lush eloquence ... and very often by their inventiveness * * San Francisco Chronicle * *
Who will Miranda July's work appeal to? To borrow the name of her lovely first film, Me and You and Everyone We Know * * Entertainment Weekly * *
Moving ... this collection features characters laughing, crying and thinking. Read the stories and you'll do the same * * i-D * *
A considered and engaging new talent * * Spectator * *

  • Winner of Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award 2007 (Ireland)

ISBN: 9781782116295

Dimensions: 198mm x 129mm x 13mm

Weight: 168g

224 pages

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