The Dumbing Down of Britain

Duncan Barkes author


Publisher:Elliott & Thompson Limited

Published:12th Feb '15

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The Dumbing Down of Britain cover

* Duncan Barkes is an outspoken and controversial commentator with strong opinions.; * This book addresses the ongoing debate about British culture, dumbing down and the loss of liberty.; * Recently launched nationwide, LBC is growing as a brand - it was especially visible in hosting the first debate on Europe between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.; * The station has a loyal and devoted fan base in London, and is now filling a gap in the national market for topical talk radio.; * Series of seven books will receive huge marketing support from LBC, with a major on-air and online advertising campaign, and will attract widespread media attention and comment.

What has happened to Modern Britain? From the decline of verbal communication to the terrible rise of the 'onesie', Duncan Barkes offers an entertaining and passionate call to arms for all those who care about our great nation.If they could see us today, our forefathers would be spluttering into their pint glasses, wondering where it all went wrong. Happy to be spoon-fed on a diet of blandness, buzzwords and uniformity, in the last 20 years our society has become more insular, selfish and ignorant than ever before. Welcome to the new super-sized, dumbed-down Britain. Covering topics that will resonate across the UK, including: voter apathy; the growth of social media; the smoking ban; ignorance of the food we eat; the rise of the NIMBY; the inability to debate; the demise of the real man; obsession with celebrity; identikit high streets; the rise of management-speak and neglect of the elderly, in this enjoyable diatribe Barkes pulls no punches in putting modern Britain to rights. As you've probably worked out for yourself, it is a pretty grumpy book.

ISBN: 9781783960941

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