De Colores Means All of Us

Latina Views for a Multi-Colored Century

Elizabeth Sutherland Martînez author Karma R Chavez editor


Publisher:Verso Books

Published:25th Jul '17


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Elizabeth Martinez's unique Chicana voice arises from over thirty years of experience in the movements for civil rights, women's liberation, and Latina/o empowerment.Elizabeth Martínez's unique Chicana voice arises from over thirty years of experience in the movements for civil rights, women's liberation, and Latina/o empowerment. In De Colores Means All of Us, Martínez presents a radical Latina perspective on race, liberation, and identity. In these essays, Martínez describes the provocative ideas and new movements created by the rapidly expanding U.S. Latina/o community as it confronts intensified exploitation and racism. With sections on women's organizing, struggles for economic justice and immigrant rights, and the Latina/o youth movement, this book will appeal to readers and activists seeking to organize for the future and build new movements for social change. With a foreword from Angela Y. Davis.

Elizabeth Martínez's work comprises one of themost important living histories of progressive activism in the contemporaryera. . . . [Martínez is] inimitable. . .irrepressible. . .indefatigable. -- Angela Y. Davis
Please do yourself a favor and read this essay collection by Elizabeth Martínez! Share it with your friends, students, neighbors. Free yourself from the onslaught of misinformation and ignorance regarding racism in the United States and Latino politics. It is an up-to-date news flash on what is going on regarding Mexicans on both sides of the border. 'Betita' (to those of us who know her, love her, and continue to learn from her) is a veteran activist and Chicana pundit of the highest order. -- Ana Castillo, author, Massacre of the Dreamers
Elizabeth Martínez has played a unique and extraordinary role as chronicler of Chicana-Chicano history, and De Colores beautifully captures her passion, her intelligence, her powerful commitment to universal human values. I am very happy this volume exists, and hope it will be widely read. -- Howard Zinn, author, A People’s History of the United States
This is one of the most important books to be published as we prepare to continue our struggle for a multiracial democracy in the twenty-first century. . . . Elizabeth (Betita) Martínez embodies the courage and tenacity exemplified by Latina activists, and women of color generally, who have been the backbone of our movements for social justice. -- Prof. Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley; author, Youth, Identity, Power:The Chicano Movement
Though published nearly twenty years ago, the new Verso reprint of De Colores Means All of Us contains many urgent messages for the current moment. Part history and part philosophy, De Colores Mean All of Us is a vital key to untangling the messy social structures of race, class, and gender in a specifically Borderlander US context. -- Kevin Lentz * Latinx Spaces *

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